North Coast

HSU wins three months free parking at Lismore Base Hospital

The Health Services Union has welcomed Lismore City Council’s decision to extend free all day on-street parking around Lismore Base Hospital for three months, but warned it will continue to campaign to make the decision permanent.

Lismore City Council  transitioned to free parking at the onset of the covid-19 crisis,  before announcing plans to re-introduce parking fees, slugging hospital staff, patients, and visitors.


But Council last night voted to continue free parking for at least the next three months.


“It’s a relief that councillors have seen sense,” said Gerard Hayes, HSU NSW Secretary. “But this decision must be made permanent.


“We are confronting the worst economic crisis in a generation. The idea that a council would raise revenue by slugging modestly paid hospital cleaners and wardspeople is perverse.


“We don’t need Lismore Council behaving like some kind of reverso Robin Hood.”


Mr Hayes welcomed news the Council would hold a workshop on the issue.


“The HSU intends to participate in this workshop to insist that a so-called progressive council doesn’t reintroduce a regressive flat tax like parking.”