How much longer do they need?


I also strongly support David Barnsley’s letter to editor (CVI 14/8/19).

I am sure that most of the residents in Yamba, Wooloweyah, Angourie and surrounding areas would agree that the West Yamba Bypass road be developed as a matter of urgency.

The council has had 30- 50 years to plan and develop this road.

How much longer do they need?

I can only hope that the proposed roundabouts take as long to plan and develop.

All the new developments should never have been allowed to go ahead until the alternate road into Yamba had been constructed.

If it is on environmental grounds that this road is being held up, surely those same environmental concerns must apply to the developments down Carrs Drive. This is where the natural drainage and water flow of the area is being destroyed.

I have written to the councillors and some council staff but only one of the 12, I have contacted have bothered to reply. That reply was to say that she would pass my concerns on.

Wendy Bartlett, Yamba