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How do you support local businesses?

Emma Pritchard

When you shop locally, you’re supporting your family, friends, your neighbours and your community. You’re helping to keep locals employed, stimulating the local economy, and making a local contribution to service providers and producers.

Recently, the Clarence Valley Independent spoke with several Clarence Valley residents and asked them how they support our local businesses.

Fiona Bryant: I try and shop locally wherever possible. I always buy all my fresh produce at Farmer Lou’s and Causley Fresh in Grafton and South Grafton. I love supporting our smaller retailers because they’re the backbone of our community.

Cathie Jennings: I’m a big coffee drinker, and I always buy a cappuccino from one of our local cafes. I don’t have a preferred venue, it depends where my work takes me, but I do try and visit a different place every day. A few extra dollars for a coffee can really make a difference to a local business.

Finnigan Hutchings: I get a pie or a sausage roll for lunch from a local bakery in Grafton at least twice, sometimes three times a week. It’s a good way of keeping money local and helping local businesses to keep going.

Lyndall Greigens: I always avoid the larger supermarkets because I don’t like crowded areas, so for me shopping at smaller local shops has a lot of benefits. I find the service at local businesses is much better because they appreciate the business a lot more, and it makes you feel good when you spend money locally.

John Michaelson: Our small businesses have had a bloody terrible run lately, and I think the community has a duty to be proactive and support our local business owners as much as we can. I know a lot of people grumble about the higher prices compared to the shopping centres, but I’d rather fork out a bit more to help support the stores in our own backyard because they’re the ones working hard to support us. They also employ locals, and they want to keep their jobs as well. We all need to start thinking about how we can change our shopping habits, so more dollars stay local.

Hannah Mae David: I always go to local pet shops when I need to buy more dog food. You get professional advice and assistance when you need selective food, and you don’t get that in a supermarket.