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SPAR Maclean Deli Supervisor Karen Hopkins checks out the huge range of fresh meals to go. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Home cooked meals to go

SPAR Maclean has recently begun dishing up, nutritious meals to go.

Deli Supervisor Karen Hopkins said that they began introducing the meals, because there were a lot of people who were looking for ready to go hot food.

“We cook up fresh meals on the premises daily, Monday to Friday,” Karen said.

“We also have meals which we get in, with our range of pre-packaged ready to heat meals; ‘Fitness Outcomes’ and ‘Youfoodz’. We also have beef, chicken and sundried tomato lasagne, which are locally made.

“Our own meals which are prepared on the premises range from a chicken meal, sausage meals, chicken meatballs, mince etc. We have about 12 different meal menus at the moment: curry and rice, sate chicken, honey mustard, chicken in bacon and cheese sauce and sometimes we do a quarter chicken and vegies with gravy; so we do quite a variety.

“Each meal container is a one serve portion.

“We also do a potato bake which is in our bain-marie, so people can pic up a BBQ chicken and potato bake or vegetable bake as well, so we are providing a lot of ready to go meals.

“These are great for people who don’t feel like cooking or people who live alone and get over cooking for just one; they can come in and pick up a meal, ready to go.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from people saying how great it is to get a quality, decent home style cooked meal – so they love it.

“The prices of our home cooked meals (which are made here on the premises) range from $6 – $8 per serving – so that’s very economical.

“We even have the workers coming in and buying them for lunch. They are packaged in microwave safe containers, so they can be heated in the containers.

“We also have gluten free and vegetarian meals as well.

“In the dele section we have a range of individual size fresh quiches, tuna and sweet corn balls, salmon and pea balls, brown rice and pumpkin and sweet potato and quinoa and people can team it up with one of the fresh salads which are displayed beside them,” she said.

If you’re over cooking and want a home cooked meal on the run, drop into SPAR and check out their range of fresh meals.