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President of the Yamba Museum Lesley Pickering with Matt Muir and his vf series 2 motorsport limited edition Commodore. Image: Lynne Mowbray.

Holden exhibition revs up at the Yamba Museum

Lynne Mowbray |


The official opening of the ‘Holden Love Affair’ exhibition was held at the ‘Old Kirk’ – Yamba Museum, on Saturday afternoon.

A static display of cars was also on show in the museum grounds, thanks to the members of the Grafton Car Club.

The ‘Holden Love Affair’ exhibition was opened by Yamba Shores Tavern owner Matt Muir.

Matt is the proud owner of one of the last Commodore Motorsports cars ever made in Australia a vf series 2 motorsport limited edition, which was also on display.

“They (Holden) made a motorsport edition and they also made a director edition,” Matt said.

“The motorsport’s based off the SSV with some track specific dialups that are available and the director which my father has is based off the Calais, more subtle type vehicle,” he said.


Matt said that there is a history of ‘Holden’ that runs in his family (former owners of Muirs Motors – Ashfield).

“We’ve been selling cars since 1948,” Matt said.

“We were a sub-dealer in the early days and then in 1952 became a full-dealer and basically continued with the Holden brand right up until 2017.

“I’ve got a couple of model cars into the exhibition here.

“We’ve got the (Holden) Efijy, which was basically a retro take on the FJ Holden and that car actually travelled the world as a show piece and to show the world what Holden could do with the General Motors brand and I’ve also got Peter Brocks 1979 A9x Torana that he and Jim Richards won Bathurst in. That’s actually quite a unique car. The A9x is quite a famous model and that’s on display in the museum for the exhibition,” he said.

The ‘Holden Love Affair’ Exhibition, collection of scale-model Holden cars and memorabilia from the collections of Bill Barnier, Laurie Fitzpatrick, Albert Irons, Stephen Cameron and Clarke Rolf, will be on display in the Old Kirk until 31 December 2020.