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Hogan opposes mineral mining in the Clarence River catchment

Geoff Helisma

Federal Member for Page Kevin Hogan has written to Clarence Valley Council’s (CVC) mayor, Jim Simmons, stating that he “shares council’s concerns and opposes mineral mining in the Clarence River catchment”.

Mr Hogan said he supported the Clarence Catchment Alliance’s (CCA) “efforts, seeking an amendment of Schedule 1 of the New South Wales State Environment Planning Policy (Mining, Petroleum Production and Extractive Industries) 2007”.

Which, if successful would “add the following as prohibited development: Mineral mining and mineral exploration in the Clarence catchment and surrounding local government areas that feed out water source”, Mr Hogan wrote.

It took three years to collect this bag full of petitions, containing 10,433 signatures, which was due to be debated in the NSW Legislative council on August 5, however, Covid had other ideas.
The August sitting dates are cancelled and are due to recommence on September 7 (dependent on Covid restrictions). Image: Contributed

Mr Hogan “reassured” the mayor that he would “work to the goal of ensuring mineral mining does not take place in the Clarence catchment”.

“As you know, the Clarence River is located in one of the most biodiverse parts of Australia, the Macleay-McPherson overlap, where flora and fauna of the southern bioregion overlap with those of the northern region,” he wrote.

“While mining does play an extremely important role in our country, it is not appropriate within this delicate and diverse water catchment.

“The Clarence river is the largest of all New South Wales coastal rivers, in both catchment area and river discharge.

“The 250-kilometre-long river has a catchment area of approximately 22,700 square kilometres and an average annual discharge of almost 3.9 million megalitres.

“The risk these mining proposals bring to our water quality, agricultural sectors, tourism and flora and fauna species should be avoided.

“I also note the strong community support for this position.

“I understand there is a precedent for this in the Lake Macquarie and Gosford areas.

“I have cc’d the state minister responsible into our communication.”