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Hogan on coronavirus schemes

Page MP Kevin Hogan says the “continued support for Australians who are without work, and for businesses and their workers, will help our community to not only get through this crisis, but recover on the other side.”

Mr Hogan was announcing the Australian Government’s plans for the JobKeeper and JobSeeker schemes in a media release.

“Under the government’s next phase of support, the JobKeeper Payment will continue at its current level until 27 September, after which it will be extended for a further six months to 28 March 2021,” he said.

“A two-tiered payment will also be introduced so as to better reflect the pre-COVID-19 income of payment recipients.

“Specifically, from 28 September until 3 January next year, the two payments will be $1,200 and $750 per fortnight, with the lower payment for employees who worked less [sic] than 20 hours a week in the month of February pre-COVID-19.

“From 4 January to 28 March next year, the two payments will be $1,000 and $650.

The temporary Coronavirus Supplement for those on income support will also be extended until 31 December 2020.

“The $550 per fortnight Supplement will continue until 24 September

“From 25 September until 31 December, the Supplement will be $250 per fortnight, reducing by the same amount as the JobKeeper payment.

“The Government’s focus remains on reopening the economy where it is safe to do so, but the extension of these measures recognises that some parts of the economy will continue to be affected and need continued support.

“This unprecedented economic support for local businesses and their workers is helping the Page community through the COVID-19 pandemic and bolstering our economic recovery.”