Hitting their stride for stroke

I am thrilled to announce Stroke Foundation’s annual physical activity fundraiser Stride4stroke has well and truly exceeded expectations this year.

A record 1,484 people took part in the campaign. Stroke4Stroke encouraged participants to set an activity goal for the month of November, get moving to reduce their own stroke risk and raise funds in support of Stroke Foundation.

I have been astounded by the extraordinary passion, dedication and generosity people have displayed especially as we navigate life during a pandemic. This year has been a challenge for all of us, and it has been wonderful to see people connect virtually and creatively throughout this campaign.

Stroke Foundation had hoped to raise $180,000 through Stride4Stroke, but that target has been broken. Our inspiring community of supporters raised an amazing $420,000! This was an incredible effort and one we are truly grateful for.

Every dollar raised will have an enormous impact. It will go towards supporting vital Stroke Foundation programs like our free telephone advice service StrokeLine (1800 787 653) and EnableMe, online support services which help survivors and their families transition to life back home after stroke and throughout the recovery journey.

I wish to thank and congratulate everyone in the community who signed up for Stride4Stroke, put on their runners, swim suits or cycle gear and encouraged their friends and family to join them. I know many of you are survivors of stroke yourself or have a loved one who has had a stroke.

More than 27,400 people have experienced a stroke for the first time in their lives in 2020, while more than 445,000 survivors are living in the community. I am grateful we have so many people looking out for the survivors of stroke in our community and doing all they can to ensure they are supported to live well.

I hope all our wonderful “striders” are feeling the physical and mental benefits from their activity boost in November and have established some good habits to continue to move their bodies into the future. I look forward to welcoming you back to Stride4Stroke next year and making this wonderful community event bigger and better in 2021.

Sharon McGowan
Chief Executive Officer, Stroke Foundation