Margaret Durrant, one of our players who generously provides preserved jams & pickles, is pictured with her spectacular Irish golf club cover, bringing smiles to all who spot her. Image: contributed

High scoring gals in Bravehearts Stableford 

We had some amazingly high scores by two ladies at golf last week when we had to play on composite sand and grass greens.

The annual green renovations were well underway, and we had to contend with half completed surfaces with lots of surprises. With a 2-putt limit in place, our winners scored 27 points for their nine holes; even some one putts and a chip-in were made, helping push their points tally higher. Amazing effort on those testing greens.

First equal were Denise Patten and Marilyn Hopkins, taking home a some ‘Deep Water Pale Ale’ and a box of chocolates. Awesome shooting ladies.

Next placegetters were in order of scores:

David Bryden 25 (your Caperberry prize awaits pick-up David); Joe Henry 23 (bottle of Champaigne visitor from Vic; Sue Moten 23; Linda Goodwin 23; Kim Pye 22; Wayne Nunn 22.

Others, not so grand despite conditions were Margaret Durant 20; Gary Taylor 19; Clem Rhoden 18; John Hopkins 16; Sonia Bonaccorsi 13.

NTP’s 11th and 17th were won lock stock and barrel by Denise Patten. One was secured with a chip-in to score a set of golfing novelty socks, box of shortbreads and everything else that was left in the prize box. Super work Denise, sad about your new handicap though.

Join us next week when the Maclean Country Golf course will have settled down and we can enjoy 9-holes of golf together. Tee off at 8.30am. Thanks to the generous players and sponsors for their welcome gifts we award as prizes.

Gary Taylor