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Heritage initiatives receive funding

The preservation of the Clarence and Richmond Valleys’ rich history has received a boost with funding for five local heritage initiatives from the Nationals in NSW Government’s Heritage Grants Program, Clarence Nationals MP Chris Gulaptis has announced.

“Whether it is the overdue recognition of local Aboriginal history or the preservation of colonial era edifices, these initiatives help enrich our lives now and ensure pride in our advancement is passed on to the next generations,” Mr Gulaptis said.

Local Aboriginal cultural heritage receives a near $100,000 boost with funding for the Ashby Unmarked Graves Caring for our Ancestors initiative and the Mudyala Aboriginal Corporation’s Stories of the Yaegl project.

Mr Gulaptis said the second project was especially important as it involved transcribing the traditional knowledge and personal journeys of local elders into a book, so future generations can learn, understand, acknowledge, and grow.

“I’m sorry it has taken so long to recognise the real importance and value of our local Aboriginal heritage but I believe we are on track now,” Mr Gulaptis said.

Richmond Valley Council is being given $12,000 to provide a local heritage advisory service and both Richmond Valley and Clarence Valley councils get $11,000 for what is being called ‘devolved small grants programs for local items.’

Mr Gulaptis said the final grant was a $95,000 cheque to repair water damage caused by crumbling slate and leaking gutters to the southern transept Christ Church Cathedral in Grafton.

“Grafton just wouldn’t be Grafton without its Cathedral which was of a revolutionary design when it was built in the 1870s,” Mr Gulaptis concluded.

Further details of the projects is attached:


Caring for our Ancestors: Ashby Unmarked Graves Project – $50,000

Yaegl Traditional Owners working in partnership with the Wilmore family, Maclean Historical Society and specialists will identify unmarked graves within a traditional burial ground located on the Wilmore family property in Yaegl country. This land is part of a known cemetery which contains the unmarked graves of our ancestors removed from Ulgundahi Island Reserve (SHR item) in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


Keeping Our Stories – Stories of the Yaegl People – $46,500

‘Keeping our stories – Stories of the Yaegl’ will be administered through Mudyala Aboriginal Corporation and will work in with Yaegl elders in Northern NSW. The project will encompass traditional knowledge sharing and personal journeys of elders being told and recorded. These stories will then be created into a book for local people to keep.


Repairs – Southern Transept/Dean’s Vestry and Servers Vestry Roof – $95,000

Conservation work to replace gutters and failed slate with Vermont Slate to redress the result of water damage. This involves using wider and deeper copper box gutters, valleys, downpipes and half round gutters and appropriate flashing to existing heritage design and standards.