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We are still getting enquiries adoptions even though we have been closed to visitors due to the lockdown. From Service NSW Covid Rules for Pets and Vets:

You can take your pet to a vet or grooming salon but you must check-in to the venue to comply with the COVID-19 restrictions that apply to your local area. Mobile grooming services, animal shelters and animal adoptions (pounds, shelters and rescues) may continue provided service providers comply with the authorised worker restrictions. If you are adopting an animal, you should collect it from your local government area or within 5km of your home (unless it is not reasonably available locally).

As we are 15km out of town all our animals for adoption are not reasonably available locally.

We will not allow anyone on the premises that has visited or driven through an area of concern whether it be Greater Sydney or any of the rural areas which have had active cases identified since June 2021 unless there have been no active cases reported for a period in excess of 4 weeks. This is to protect us working at Happy Paws Haven.

If people wish to come to adopt they will need to make an appointment by ringing 6644 9936 or messaging 0419 404 766. Mobile reception is poor in this area. Do not just arrive, if you do you will be turned away unless you are bringing in an animal in crisis. We have been receiving lots of phone calls about the animals that are available and our website is always up to date. Thank you so much for your support it is very much appreciated.

We really appreciate everyone who has continued to support us during these hard times, especially those who have donated their time and/or their money to this wonderful cause, including those who have adopted from us. We really value everyone’s contribution whether it be large or small, every little bit helps us care for the animals while they are in our care no matter how long it takes for them to get a new home. Your paws helping our paws to help their paws! It is really special, thank you!

At the end of August we had 11 cat adoptions and 10 dog adoptions, which shows the impact of Covid lockdown. Thankfully the surrenders have slowed down as well. We have been lucky, some of the other rescue groups have had to close their doors for all sorts of reasons but it is hard to stay afloat during these hard times. We are no different than any other small business, we still need to feed and care for the animals even though our doors are closed to visitors.

We are still short on volunteers to care for the animals so are actively reducing our numbers so that those we have here are getting the level of care they need. We can’t take any new animals in at the moment even if we have the space due to the shortage of volunteers to look after them. We are determined that we will continue to operate in balance space, resources, volunteer time etc.

We also need to find someone to represent the volunteers, assist in their skill training and help us to recruit volunteers with the skills we need. Please spread the word as we really do need your help!. Again we need help, any contribution large and small, everything counts. People can contribute either by volunteering their time or donating towards these projects through PayPal using our email address [email protected] or via our bank, the Bendigo Community Bank in South Grafton BSB 633000, Account 130786031 and our account name is Happy Paws Haven Inc. All donations over $2 are tax deductible! Thank you!. We are an ACNC endorsed registered charity! Our ABN is 79928920087, CFN 23496

Happy Paws Haven volunteers and members meeting

Our next members meeting will take place on Sunday September 12 at Happy Paws Haven.  The meetings start at 1.30pm and finish about 3.30pm. Current members can participate via Zoom. We are looking for new members, fresh ideas to assist us move forward in this new environment caused by Covid19. If you would like to become a member of Happy Paws Haven, contact [email protected] to get a membership application to fill out, bring it to the meeting. You will need to bring $30 membership fee. We need new ideas for the remainder of 2021 and beyond. We need a new fund-raising team, people to write our animal stories and what we do for social media so come and join us and contribute to the Team at HappyPaws Haven where all ideas are good ideas.

Cats and kittens for adoption this week

We get all cats vet checked prior to adoption to make sure that we comply to the standards required by any pet shop. We have adopted out well over 1200 cats over the last 12 years and only a very very small percentage having developed any illness as a result of the change in environment but now we are being extremely careful. All our animals are microchipped, immunised and desexed as soon as possible after they arrive. Our Rehoming number is R251000043

Misty and Fluffy were surrendered together they were very loved by their old owner who could no longer keep them as they were selling their home to go travelling around Australia. They were a little overwhelmed when they first arrived keeping very much to themselves. They are lovely affectionate cats looking for a quiet home to go to. Fluffy still has not integrated well and comes out to feed and toilet. Misty does not have much to do with her daughter so they can easily go to separate homes. Misty came a little dehydrated but is fine now. She can be demanding and unlike her daughter is not at all shy. She is very friendly loves attention and cuddles 900215002925543

Aura and her sisters were found with their mother, they had been dumped and no-one wanted them. Mum although timid and a little shy, has been adopted. “My sisters and I had had very little to do with people so we are not so sure about them so will run and hide. We are getting used to being stroked and occasionally pick up but not for long. “They say we are feisty and scared still a little feral but I know if some someone is gentle and patient we would soon learn to trust it may take a little time. We need a quiet home not with young children or noisy teenagers. We re desexed chipped immunised and regularly treated for parasites since we have been in care. We just want some gentle loving without too much noise.” 991003000593897

Loren arrived as a small baby in a litter of 6 with their mother Loulou at the end of September and went straight into foster care. Loulou was a wonderful mother making sure her babies were well fed although she was in a bad state. Loren is a lovely young lady and gets on well with all the other young cats in the kitten house. She is an affectionate, playful mischievous young cat. She loves being stroked and will happily come jump up on your lap only to run climb and play a few seconds later. She is desexed, microchipped and immunised as are her siblings ready for their new homes. 991003000829323

Dogs and puppies for adoption this week

We get all dogs vet checked prior to adoption to make sure that we comply to the standards required by any pet shop. All our animals are microchipped, immunised and desexed as soon as possible after they arrive. All dogs are also tested to make sure that they do not have heartworm. We have rescued and adopted out well over 1300 dogs over the last 12 years. Our Rehoming number is 251000043

Kevin came with his brother from a trainer near Casino. Their owner and trainer is elderly, has retired so to help him out we volunteered to take two of his beautiful boys. Like all greyhounds, they love to have a play and zoom first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon. In between, they prop and stop becoming couch potatoes. These two young men are well-behaved, quiet, affectionate, gentle loving dogs. They would be very suitable as a companion to anyone regardless of their age and wellbeing. They are great pets for anyone with a bad back as you don’t need to bend down to groom them or give them a stroke or a gentle pat. They should not be homed with small animals but they love humans. They love being around humans and are low-maintenance dogs as they do not require much exercise. They have been desexed, immunised and have a micro-chip. They also have been wormed and treated for all our common parasites. 956000008689292

Arnold was a reluctant surrender, his owner had to move out and was not able to take her dog with her. Arnold is a lovely young male who gets on well with other dogs and people. A typical teenager who needs some training gets excited when someone pays some attention but soon settles. He loves to run and play he is not sure about cats whether bark at them or not. He is a lovely friendly affectionate playful young man. We think he has some red cattle dog in him going by his markings. He is nearly as tall as a greyhound so we are not sure what else he is maybe it is a huntaway or some sort of hound but who knows. We have had him for some time now and I really don’t know why as he would make a lovely second dog for any family, unless you are away working full time. He would need a friend to play with as he is not keen on being on his own. He is desexed chipped and immunised like all our animals are.  900079000643696

Barlow was surrendered due his owners now working full time, and not able to spend the time required for him. He gets bored quickly as he is a smart young man, so needs things to do. He is an active young dog, needs a job to do, would be great at agility, dog sports. He would respond very well to training and like all young dogs wants to run and play, he needs space and something to do, he is a working dog (not necessarily one on a farm). He would make an excellent agility partner as he is super active and fast on his feet. He wants to please his owner but should not be left to his own devices while his owner is at work as he will become naughty, he is an extremely smart young man. He is desexed, chipped and up to date with his parasite control and vaccinations 953010004898846.

HappyPaws Haven is open seven days a week for animal adoptions. Phone: Sally on 0419 404 766 or 6644 9936 seven days a week, email Sally on [email protected] or visit HappyPaws at