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Cats and kittens for adoption this week:

We get all cats vet checked prior to adoption to make sure that we comply to the standards required by any pet shop. We have adopted out well over 1200 cats over the last 12 years and only a very very small percentage having developed any illness as a result of the change in environment but now we are being extremely careful. All our animals are microchipped, immunised and desexed as soon as possible after they arrive. Our Rehoming number is 251000043.

My name is Esme, I was dumped in a box with 10 other kittens and our mother outside one of the committee members house. She had lots of cats of her own and just could not afford to take on all of us as well so we went into foster care. I have had my operation and all my needles with the others from the kitten house and now we are ready to find a wonderful loving home. We are all loving friendly affectionate young teenage cats about 8mth old waiting for a loving home. My microchip: 900079000382726.

Tiggi, Tirri and Tilli were found in a park near some flats, they were taken to a pet shop who said they could not take them as they all have a twisted or kinked tail and were not perfectly normal kittens. The vet has said it is probably inherited and as it is not affecting our behaviour or our bodily functions we should be fine. We are a little shy when we meet strangers but as soon as we get to know them we turn into beautiful affectionate smoochy cats. We are normal playful curious mischievous kittens. We have now been desexed, micro-chipped and immunised ready to be adopted. 900079000382734.

Torin and his three sisters came at the same time as Erica and her family. They were found out near Clarence Way not far from a creek in the bush, they were young and friendly not at all wild. They were picked up put in a box and left at our gate with the hope we would find them before the dogs or the eagles. They are only slightly young than Erik and his family. All are black with little tiny tufts of white in their ears or their chest or under their chin. They are all very friendly affectionate young cats. Torin is desexed and the others will be too within the next week or so. All are vaccinated, micro-chipped, regularly wormed and deflead ready for their new homes. 900079000382719.

Dogs for adoption for this week:

We get all dogs vet checked prior to adoption to make sure that we comply to the standards required by any pet shop. All our animals are microchipped, immunised and desexed as soon as possible after they arrive. All dogs are also tested to make sure that they do not have heart worm. We have rescued and adopted out well over 1300 dogs over the last 12 years. Our Rehoming number is 251000043.

Frankie and Sugar came to us as young dogs. They were the last of a litter. Frankie unbeknownst to us was pregnant, and has since had her puppies. She only had two and one was still born. Franca looks more like her aunt Sugar than her mother as she is tan and white. Frankie is quieter than Sugar due to her being a mother but they are still typical teenagers, full of energy, smart, love to learn and need to be occupied. They would be really good at agility, herding or flyball as they need mental and physical stimulation. They would be great as a best mate for active teen. They are loving and affectionate young dogs wanting to please. They are desexed, immunised, regularly treated for parasites. 900164001634064.

Blue is a young cattle kelpie cross who was surrendered because he was a bored pup who was being destructive. He had not been to training and was left to his own devices. Now he is a very loving loyal young man very smart and needs something to do; just some simple games such as treasure hunt using his kibble or putting some kibble in soft drink bottles to roll around the lawn, or being taken to training on Sunday afternoon. Blue is a very affectionate young man waiting for an active family. He is crate trained and house trained, he comes when called most of the time. He is happy to sit for a treat. He needs some more lead training but is a typical teenager who would make a lovely active family pet. He was taken to the Dog Lovers Show last year so is very well socialised with people and other dogs.  He has been desexed, chipped, vaccinated, wormed, heart worm treated and de-flead too. 900006000265949.

Jessie and Freya were rescued from Hawkesbury Animal Shelter in Richmond near Sydney. Although these two were surrendered together and they are siblings they do not need to be adopted together. They were living together but they are now living separately. Jessie is now living in our bottom yard while Freya is living in the house yard. Both these dogs would make a wonderful companion dogs but they need to be with someone that is home a lot and able to sleep inside. Like most Belgians they love to be with people seems to be very good with kids. Each of them is obedient comes when called sits stays etc. They are fine with other dogs especially those with the similar energy level as they have. Both would be excellent at any of the dog sports such as rally-o fly ball and agility. Both would be excellent at herding and tracking. Belgian Shepherds especially the Malinois are extremely intelligent and are very different from the average dog. They are determined and observant with strong protective and territorial instincts. They have to be socialized well to prevent them from becoming too shy or sensitive. The Belgian Malinois needs an experienced master who is firm but not heavy handed. If you are harsh or overbearing they will become uncooperative and anxious. Owners need to display a confident natural authority over the dog. Consistent rules must be set and made clear. This breed is instinctively protective so it should be trained and keep mentally active or they will become naughty and hard to manage. These are very special dogs that need very special owners. 900164001708959.

HappyPaws Haven is open seven days a week for animal adoptions. Phone: Sally on 0419 404 766 or 6644 9936 seven days a week, email sally on [email protected] or visit HappyPaws at