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Happy Paws animals in need of a home

Our normal cat adoption donation is $225 per cat but we have dropped it starting now to $95 with a hope they will get good homes quickly.


Alley and Ginger were surrendered together; their owner had moved in with her boyfriend and could not have her animals with her. Ginger found his forever home! Alley is a beautiful affectionate 6 year old cat; she has a lovely nature and is not in your face. She gets on with other cats, happy to ignore dogs unless they get into her face at which time she will just walk away. She will stand back and watch but is happy for you to go up to her for a stroke and a cuddle. She is like all the cats desexed, chipped and immunised
Jacci is the last of a litter who came to us at the beginning of 2016. They had a very tough start and we were not sure if they would survive. They all have grown into a lovely strong beautiful affectionate young cats and all but Jacci have found homes. Jacci would love to follow in the footsteps of her brothers and sisters and find a loving forever home of her own! She has been desexed, immunised, micro-chipped, flead, wormed and vet checked like all the animals here at Happy Paws Haven.
Taylor, Terri and Tara were found in a plastic bag at the water’s edge at the park in South Grafton by one of the vet nurses at the South Grafton Vet clinic back in 2009. They were tiny, needed bottle feeding and it was touch and go to whether they would survive but survive they did. Tara and Terri have found lovely homes but Taylor is still here at Happy Paws Haven. He has grown up to be very loving smoochy mischievous cat. He loves being around people. He has never been outside so has no idea what the big world is like so is quite content to stay that way. He has been vet checked, had a recent dental, micro-chipped, immunised every year, de-sexed, wormed and de-flead regularly. He would love to experience a forever home of his own.
Dexter was found abandoned on a highway by a person passing through. Although he was chipped and his owner contacted they had rehomed him some time ago. The owner tried to contact the new owner but she denied any knowledge of ownership. The original owner did not want him back as they already had other dogs. He is a very typical staffy who needs to be with people, love and protect his owner and would make a great companion. He gets on with some other similar dogs, jealousy can be a curse, and is very good with people and I am not sure if I would not trust him with a cat. He is now desexed microchip and vaccinated ready for his new home.
Koko is one of our longest staying residents and we are not sure why! She with her brother and sister were nearly run over one night, in April 2014, the person stopped to see whether they were ok and found that they were not injured. They took them home as they were obviously hungry, skinny, full of fleas and worms. They had been dumped and they were only about 4-5 months old, they tried valiantly to find their owners without success. Her brother and sister have found homes a long time ago. Koko is a very friendly, affectionate young 3 year old dog who needs some basic training. She will sit, chase a ball, not so good at bringing it back and usually does as she is told although she plays a funny game which includes running around you in circles then she comes to a halt. She loves being with humans and is fine with older kids as she is playful so would enjoy a family environment. She would be better in a home on her own. She would be a loyal and loving companion, your best mate. Her brother and sister have found wonderful homes. She is desexed, chipped, regularly wormed, de-flead and vaccinated!
Marley was surrendered to us by a family in Woolgoolga, in the middle of November 2016. They weren’t sure whether she was pregnant or not and they did not want to find out or desex her. There were dogs living all around them and Marley would bark at them when they came near her. She had had a couple of litters already, her teats were enlarged so we were not sure but thought was highly likely that she was yet again. As all our dogs were desexed at that time we thought we would wait a couple of weeks to see if she started to swell or not. It did not take long for the pregnancy to be confirmed. The pups were born at the end of December just after Christmas. She had a lovely litter of staffy cross pups. She has a lovely friendly nature, gets on well with people and her four legged friends. She needs to be with someone who home most of the time and would make a wonderful companion dog. She has been desexed, immunised, micro-chipped, regularly wormed, deflead and is now ready to go to a new home.

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