Happiness is a cuddly chicken

Dear Ed,

Hi, my name is Tomas Slade and I am 9 years old. I live on a property in Nana Glen with my mum, dad, blue dog.

I sell chickens and egg selling business. I sold a lot of eggs last year. In fact, I managed to save $664.55 dollars. I was amazed that I saved up for half a motorbike. Me, mum and dad did a deal. If I could save half, then they would pay for the other half. And boy is it fun riding around on it?

Then I decided that I would have a go at raising and selling chickens. You’re going to laugh at this, I got the rooster from my school bus driver who is Chris and a lovely man. And because of him I got a nice little business going.

At the moment I’ve got four baby chickens. I’ve named them: Bubble, John, Homer and Pig. I love my chickens.

We made a lovely little house for them and don’t worry we check for any signs of sickness. So, if you do buy one it will be all nice and healthy.

The chickens make me feel so warm and cuddly inside. This taught me to be a lot more patient in work.

With all this dumb Covid stuff someone has got to give happiness around. I mean chickens make you happy, don’t they? So you can have one.

Tomas Slade, Nana Glen