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Last month our red bench stood in a puddle and the mozzies were rife. Hopefully it is drier for this weekend’s get together. Fig Forrest is coming to tell us, at 5pm, what we should be doing to stop Gulmarrad being overrun by cane toads. Afterwards, we will continue with our planned plant/produce swap and drinks and nibbles. Image: contributed

Gulmarradians: stop the cane toads

It has been three months since the last gathering of residents in Gulmarrad and a lot has happened: drought, fire, rain!

Now we are overwhelmed with the mozzies and the inevitable cane toads, so we have asked Fig Forrest to come and tell us what we should be doing to stop Gulmarrad being overrun with these critters.

He can’t stay all evening so come at 5pm if you would like to hear what he has to say.

Gulmarradians have nowhere to call their own. No park, no playground, no gazebo, no bus shelter and no wet weather venue. And when it rains, they can no longer meet on the road verge so the February monthly get-together was cancelled.

These get-togethers continue the original vision – to address physical and social needs of Gulmarradians, and include pizza nights, bush walks, nature and health talks, swap meets etc.

The March get-together on the 14th will feature Fig’s talk about cane toads, as well as the opportunity to swap plants and/or produce. That’s a wide field and could include cooking, which will go down well with the closing refreshments.

Clarence Valley Council (CVC) has rejected requests for council to buy a property in central Gulmarrad for the current 1,700 residents, even though Healthy Towns have identified residents living in Gulmarrad as having major potential to suffer from social isolation.

The team of five residents behind this push for community facilities has been told that they would need to fund-raise the majority of the cost of a property in central Gulmarrad, and has decided against this avenue as it is not one of their strengths.

If anyone else would like to take up the reins to pursue this cause, they would be most welcome. The team will, however, be asking CVC to ensure that there are public facilities available to Gulmarradians in the proposed village development.

In the meantime, the team is not sitting on the (red) bench and twiddling their thumbs, but continues to bring to Gulmarrad smaller facilities such as the book swap stand and the red bench.

The next item they are looking to acquire is a community noticeboard. Gulmarradians can support this cause by donating to any Lions club fundraiser.

The Gulmarrad team is Lions Club members who volunteer many hours per week to the Lions Club events in order to receive a small portion to use for items such as the community noticeboard.

So, wherever you see the Gulmarrad gazebo, you know that there are Gulmarradians working to raise money for Gulmarrad.

Grace Westera