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Gulmarrad subdivision proposal: CVC staff’s reasons for refusal

The proposed development will have an adverse and unacceptable impact on biodiversity (flora). Specifically the following points are relevant:

  • There will be more clearing of vegetation than identified by the Applicant;
  • The Applicant has not adequately considered the avoid or minimise options in regard to clearing and biodiversity (flora) impacts under Council’s Biodiversity Management Strategy and Biodiversity Offset Policy;
  • Inadequate information has been provided on the impacts on vegetation clearance and biodiversity impacts, and hence conditions of consent requiring a biodiversity offset calculation and habitat restoration plan would be premature;
  • And, the proposal is inconsistent with the principles of ecological sustainable development and the precautionary principle.

The Applicant has not sufficiently demonstrated the storm water impacts that the development will have on adjoining properties are no worse than pre-development conditions.

Specifically the following points are relevant:

  • To address the assessment of storm water and flooding impacts by way of a deferred commencement consent is not appropriate and not supported;
  • The new/updated flood assessment report / labelled ‘Catchment & 1% Flow Plan’ is inadequate in that the Plan is not accompanied with a Stormwater Management Report or Flood and Impact and Risk Assessment Report;
  • The impacts on the adjoining lot from a change to a concentrated storm water flow regime from two discharge points has not been fully considered;
  • And, an easement is required on the adjoining Lot 38 for the new concentrated storm water discharge points from the culvert and stormwater basin from the development – and for access to maintain the culvert infrastructure.

The proposed access to McIntyres Lane for proposed Lots 7 and 8 does not meet the required minimum sight distances for road safety and as such is non-compliant with the relevant design standards.

An engineering assessment has been undertaken by Council staff and it is considered unlikely that the proposed access can be feasibly designed to meet the required design standard.

The proposed subdivision is considered to be an over development of the subject land due to the unresolved impacts identified above.


Gulmarrad subdivision set for rejection: