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Great Wrap champions a waste-free future with home compostable stretch wrap.

Melbourne start-up develops solution to one of the world’s greatest problems, plastic.

Great Wrap, Australia’s first and only manufacturer of certified home compostable cling wrap, opens solar powered factory in Melbourne and launches a Melbourne-made formula. 

Co-founded in 2020, by husband and wife duo Jordy and Julia Kay, the two began manufacturing overseas and have since developed a formula using food waste, now made in Melbourne. Great Wrap provides a fix for household waste challenges and unlike biodegradable products that break down into microplastics, Great Wrap breaks down into carbon and water when placed in a compost pile in less than 180 days. 

The wrap is Australian-made and owned and is made by diverting food waste from landfill and converting it into the main raw ingredient. The majority of the cling wrap is made from food waste (potato waste), and the remaining materials are all certified compostable – the team is actively working towards a 100% food waste product by the end of 2021. 

 Jordy and Julia Kay, Co-founders said “Cling wrap is a convenient everyday essential that’s market has remained uninterrupted since the 1940’s, and in Australia alone we go through 150,000 tonnes of stretch wrap each year. 

Our vision is to convert 300,000 tonnes of food waste into resin for Great Wrap by 2023, and have a formula that is marine biodegradable, meaning it will break down once it’s in the ocean. We’re turning waste into opportunities and we really care about what we’re doing” Jordy said.

Great Wrap received a $20,000 grant from Amazon, and investment support in 2020 which helped them reach their goal to manufacture solely in Australia. 

Simon Griffiths, CEO & Founder of Who Gives A Crap, is a proud personal investor in the Great Wrap journey. Simon says, “plastic waste is a huge problem behind the curtain of almost every product driven business. It’s been something we’ve worked hard to eradicate in our supply chain and is something that I think everyone needs to be more conscious of. 

This product allows Australians to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle by making a simple compostable switch. I can’t wait to work with Great Wrap this year so we can close the plastic waste loop completely.”

Julia said, “If only 1% of the population composted food scraps instead of throwing them in the bin, it would save 45 million kgs of CO2, which is equal to taking 60,000 cars off the road each year. We’ve made it possible for Australians to ditch plastic without changing their habits and we’re proudly helping people take a step in the right direction.

When we design products, we think about where we want the world to be in 10 years and then create processes for those products, today. Our company exists to solve problems, not create them.”

Great Wrap certified home compostable cling wrap rolls are now available to purchase online at Direct to consumer, wholesale and a subscription model are available.