Great work by Grafton golf ‘greens’ staff and volunteers

The number of golfers competing in the various weekend and mid-week competitions continue to soar with no less than 120 starters in last Saturday’s event. Not only were the numbers of players taking part in the Saturday competition impressive, but the scoring was also impressive with at least eight players scoring 40 points or more. The high scores no doubt a reflection on just how good the course and greens are.

The leading score for the day was Terry Ord (21) who accumulated 42 points, a consistent 21 on each 9 which without doubt should result in a substantial reduction of handicap for the effort. Following Terry home was Robert Usher (22) who completed his round with 41 points, the best score of the 27 D Grade players who contested the event. A group of six players followed the two leaders all recording 40 points, taking out the majority of the remaining grade results. 

A total of 25 players made up the A Grade contingent with Tony Gallagher (9) the leader of that group with his 40 from David Morgan (9) the runner-up following the countback. 

In B Grade there were 40 players and following the c/b process Scott Bishop (11) was awarded the win from Peter Gibbons (15) both on 40. 

Also, with 40 against his name, John Macpherson (18) was the leader of the 28 C Grade players with David Page (18) one shot in arrears to John on 39. 

As mentioned earlier, Robert Usher (22) was the best of the D Grade group with Jesse Langford (22) the best of the rest in that grade with 40 points. 

Pro balls went down to all those players with 35 points or better.

Consistency has been the feature of Robert Usher’s golf in recent times, not only did he claim the win in D Grade on Saturday with 41 but he also took out the Tuesday competition with the same score from a field of 110 players. A countback was required to sort out the two runner-up spots with Dougie Hughes (10) and Neil Hayward (17) both finishing on 39. Those particular results were the same in both the Members and Veterans competitions which are held in conjunction.  Just out of the major results for both the competitions were a group of three players on 38, they were Dough Clark (23), Graeme Rickwood (23) and Graeme Smith (17). 

Pro balls went down to players with 31 points. 

There was no shortage of players in the Thursday competition with 75 golfers teeing it up. The leading player on the day was Graeme Jankins (33) with an outstanding score of 44 points, two points clear of his nearest rival, Jason Casserly (7) on 42. The 2nd runner-up spot went to Scott Acton (16) with 41. 

Pro balls going down to those on 34 points.

At the time of preparing this report, the playing conditions remained with a maximum of two players per group. Should those restrictions be relaxed at any stage, advice will be passed on via the Club Facebook page and website. At all times, regardless of any restrictions, the social distancing requirements must be observed, no exceptions.

It does not seem so long ago that to enable any golf to be played, we all had to use mats due to the ultra-dry conditions that prevailed at that time. That had a disastrous effect on our course and that all changed when substantial rain came out way resulting in a quick turn-around in course conditions. With the change in those conditions, the fairways quickly returned with exceptional growth, which required a great deal of attention by our greens staff under the direction of greens superintendent, John Nelson. Assisting John and his staff were several of our volunteer members who put in a great amount of time and effort into the course, which enabled its return to its absolute best. The members manning the Club mowers include Neville Higham, Richard Maguire, Tony Daly and Trevor Townsend with greens chairman, Bill Newman, giving plenty of time to the cause. They were undoubtedly supported by other volunteers whose efforts must also be recognised. 

To all those volunteers, they can be assured that all golfers more than appreciate your efforts, which has given us the exceptional course to play on.

Ray Hopwood