Community News

Grafton U3A

Our March Jabberfest will take place at the New Life Church, Arthur Street at 10am on Monday 11.

This will be a must attend, as there will be three guest speakers from NSW Fair Trading who will be speaking to us on the advent of ‘My Age Care’ to educate us on the rights of the consumers. You and I fall into the category of purchasers of goods and services within the age care area and we should be empowered to make informed choices and to know our rights and to complain should the need arise. Note that you are not recipients of a service but a consumer of a product. Theresa Kelly will present this section and will be followed by Gerard Dunlop speaking on the Senior Rights Service that supports the rights of older people through legal advice and aged care advocacy.

The third speaker will be Amanda Wilkinson who will bring us up to speed on the new My Health Record system to which you have the right to opt in or opt out at any time in your life. This is a controversial subject that has seen much, sometimes conflicting, information in the press on radio and on TV.

The first session of the morning will see Kevin Dixon reciting excerpts from Hitched, part two of C. J. Dennis’ Sentimental Bloke. 

Our ‘History’ group have now finished a project, begun in 2014, when they decided to put together a history of the small businesses that once operated in  Grafton after World War Two, but in many cases are no longer in existence. Aproximately 150 businesses have been identified and are presented in a book which will be available to members.

March Jabberfest is one that all members should be very interested in as the subjects are of such vital importance to us all. We hope to see a great roll up on Monday March 11 at 10am at the New Life Church.

Brian Carter