Grafton swimmers competed at the FNC carnival

Grafton swimmers competed at the FNC carnival at Twin Towns last weekend and despite most clubs being overwhelmed by the strong team from Southport a great day was had by all in attendance.

Grafton can be very proud of their member’s performances.

Jill Enks qualified for the 30m freestyle handicap semi finals.

Wilson Burns qualified for the 50m and 30m freestyle semi finals and went on to swim in the finals of both these events which were held immediately after each other.

Steve Donnelly was placed second in the Men’s 65-69 freestyle championships.

Jenny Vickery was placed second in the Ladies 60-64 freestyle championships.

Gary Dixon was placed third in the Men’s 50-54 freestyle championships.

Yvonne Shorrock (first carnival) was placed third in the Ladies 50-54 freestyle championships.

Grafton’s team consisting of Toni Ensbey, Yvonne Shorrock, Doug Ensbey and Terry Barnes carried on the good form by winning the 4 x 50m 200 years plus relay.

At the presentation dinner luck still prevailed with Toni Ensbey and Terry Barnes winning two of the 200 Club draws and Doug Ensbey won the major raffle prize of a nights’ accommodation (including breakfast) at the Mantra.

Also, during the presentation dinner, it was announced that Grafton will be hosting the Far North Coast/ Far North West carnival in November 2021.

Making the 50m final at the Tuesday evening swim were Natalie Durrington, John Wainwright, Damien O’Mahony, David Moon, Doug Ensbey and Eli Waite.

“Marno” was a tad too eager in this event, covering the distance .33 too fast which left the win to be snatched up by Natalie with David taking second place and John third.


Tyler Durrington, John (2nd final) Wainwright, Richard Sear, David Moon and Tracey Hill qualified for the 30m freestyle sprint.

Richard is a hard man to beat in this event and once again he claimed the win with a great time. David came in second and Tracey third.

Natalie Durrington was back on the blocks for the final of the B B & B and also with her were Terry Barnes, Damien (2nd final) O’Mahony, Steve Donnelly and Doug (2nd final) Ensbey.

Barnesy, not at all fatigued by his weekend swim, crossed the line well ahead but registered a break of 1.59 seconds. Next home was Doug, but he also broke by.68.

Damien was next home and was awarded the win with Natalie taking second place and Steve third.


Toni Ensbey


Some of the group at the Far North Coast Carnival at Twin Towns.

Image: contributed