Grafton swim team takes first in fund raising swim

Several Saturdays ago, six members of the GDSC Swimming Club competed in the Cando swim for cancer and were more than excited when they found out that they had achieved first place.

Our congratulations go to Gary Dixon, Sharon Welch, Damien O’Mahony, Natalie Durrington, Geoff Simkus and Ian Davis for a job well done (see pic).

Five heats had to be run for each event last week as members arrived en masse, keeping our often-overlooked handicapper on his toes. Each week Richard tweaks personal times according to individual performances and this keeps the competition very interesting.

Steve Donnelly, Sharon Welch, Toni Ensbey, David Moon and Richard Sear were on the blocks for the final of the 50m freestyle.

Toni, on a very generous handicap was first way and had covered quite a lot of ground before the others dived in but was swamped by the stronger swimmers at the end.

Sharon was first home but with a break of .50 called, received a disqualification.

Steve recorded a great time and took the win from David with Richard taking third place.

In the final of the 30m freestyle we saw John Wainwright, Yvonne Shorrock, Geoff Simkus, David Moon and Natalie Durrington readying themselves at the blocks.

Yvonne was first away and turned on a great burst of speed, making it quite obvious that no one was going to get past her. However, as she crossed the black line her time was called and a break of .72 was announced.

Next home was Geoff and with a reasonable time noted, took the win from John in second place and Natalie third.

The final of the breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke event saw Jenny Vickery, Toni Ensbey, Damien O’Mahony, Andrew Madden and Bruce Durrington preparing for their chosen style by either getting in the water or onto the blocks.

As the contestants crossed the black line there was not a lot between them but Bruce’s time of 24.22 off a 25 was hard to beat and he was awarded the win from Jenny in second place and Marno in third.

Toni Ensbey