Grafton Swim Club

The Club’s handicapper, Richard Sear, is going to have a field day adjusting times after last week’s results are recorded. Whether it is the knowledge that the AIF National Championships are only five weeks away it is unknown, but members are turning up in great numbers for competition and many are recording personal best times.

Five heats were run for each individual event and in the 50m final it was great to see newcomer, Jess Challen taking her place on the blocks with Andrew Madden, Steve Donnelly, Richard Sear and Damien O’Mahony.

The judge had one of the most difficult jobs imaginable when the competitors were nearing the finish line as less than half a second was separating the first four swimmers. Richard, Andrew and Damien were the first three to touch the tiles only to discover that they had busted their times. Next home was Jess but she also received the heartbreaking news that she had broken her time. This left only left Steve and a quick check on his time had him coming home the winner, swimming 34.75 off a nominated 35.

Damien O’Mahony along with Sharon Danvers, Terry Marsh, Jill Enks and John Wainwright progressed to the final of the 30m freestyle dash. In this event all swimmers were more controlled and everyone swam close to their nominated time. Jill was awarded first place, swimming just .19 off nominated. Second place went to Terry and third place was taken out by Sharon.

The 30m B B & B final was an all male affair and it was obvious from the start that David Moon, Terry Marsh, Steve Donnelly, Geoff Simkus and Terry Barnes were very keen to score the win.  However, just as in the final of the 50m, three swimmers received news that they had busted. Barnesy was the first one over the line but with a break of over three seconds was struck off. Next was Marshy who was also disqualified with a break of .59. Moony was the next one home only to suffer the same fate with a break of .48. All of these busts had Geoff somewhat nervous but he needn’t have worried as his time of 34.57 was good enough to take the win with Steve just .07 away taking second place.

Toni Ensbey