Grafton Swim Club

With Toni and Max still on the injured list it was wonderful to observe Jake Kroehnert, Jack Weatherstone, Shannon Thompson and Sarah Dougherty arriving for a swim after quite a spell.

Their fitness was questioned but as the night progressed it became obvious that they were all fighting fit.

In the 25m freestyle final Jack Weatherstone was first on the blocks followed by Damien O’Mahony, Steve Donnelly and Doug Ensbey.

Male pride took over in this event and it was each man for himself as they made their way up the pool. Jack touched first but with almost a second break received the dreaded “D”.

“Marno” was next to touch and with an almost perfect time took the win from Steve with Doug taking third place.

The “man of the moment”, Jack Weatherstone, was again on the blocks for the final of the 50m freestyle. Damien O’Mahony was also lining up for his second final along with Shannon Thompson and David Moon.

All eyes were on Jack as the swimmers commenced their swim and it became apparent fairly early that Jack’s fuel was running out.

Shannon crept to the lead and just prior to touching the wall, took a quick glance to his left, hesitated, and then touched. There was a murmur from onlookers because on Shannon’s right, David had beaten him to the punch but as luck would have it, David received a disqualification so Shannon still scored the win.

Second place went to “Marno” and Jack limped home in third place, swimming about three seconds slow.

Jill Enks, the only lady to qualify for a final lined up for the 25m breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke event.

John Wainwright was on her right and Shannon Thompson and David Moon were on her left.

Jill, swimming strongly, held the lead for most of the distance but was swamped by a fast finishing John and David right at the death.

John, however, heard the bad news that he had broken by nearly two seconds which gave David the win, Jill second and Shannon third.

Toni Ensbey