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Grafton Show seeking volunteers

Emma Pritchard


The good news is the 2021 Grafton Show is going ahead on April 23 and 24.

However, in order for the popular local event to make a bigger and brighter return after it’s unfortunate cancellation last year, upwards of 50 volunteers are required to assist with its organisation, specifically Covid-19 safe restrictions.

Grafton Show secretary Carole Bryant said running the beloved attraction in 2021 will be more complex, with more work involved in each section to ensure Covid-19 safe guidelines are abided by. She said many people are needed to help ensure the community can safely enjoy the show and she is strongly encouraging anyone who is interested to volunteer.

“People can volunteer in any area that interests them,” she said.

“If they’re interested in arts and crafts, they can volunteer in the pavilion.

“We only have eight weeks to organise the Grafton Show and we really need more volunteers to help us.”

Ms Bryant said many volunteers are also needed to work as Covid-19 marshals to help ensure “everyone does the right thing” during the running of the 2021 Grafton Show.

An information and training day will be organised prior to the event for all volunteers to attend.

“We really want and need people to volunteer because volunteering is such an important part of community events,” Ms Bryant said.

Anyone interested in volunteering for the Grafton Show, is encouraged to contact the office on 66 422 240 between 10am and 3pm on Wednesdays and Fridays during staff hours and Ms Bryant is also encouraging interested volunteers to leave a voicemail with their contact information.

Alternatively, Ms Bryant can also be contacted at

The Grafton Show is eagerly looking forward to welcoming more volunteers in 2021.