Grafton Services Swim Club pizza night

 The female members of the club never had a chance at last week’s swim, with the males dominating all events.

Making the final of the 25m freestyle sprint were Richard Sear, Terry Marsh, John Wainwright, Gary Dixon, and Tyler Durrington.

With very little separating the lads on handicap it was hell-bent for leather from the first call of the starter.

Gary proved to have a little more horsepower than the rest and touched first only to discover that he had broken his time by .52.

Richard was next home and with a great time recorded took first place, just pushing John into second place by .02, and Tyler, a further .13 behind took third place.

Only three starters were on the blocks for the final of the 50m event as all starters in one heat had been disqualified.

The event was going to be fought out by Andrew Madden, Terry Marsh, and Steve Donnelly.

Terry off two was first to hit the water followed six seconds later by Andrew and another two seconds elapsed before Steve took chase.

As the lads neared the finish, the two leaders began glancing around thinking that perhaps they were just a tad too far ahead of the third swimmer, and they were right to be concerned. Andrew touched just .06 ahead of Terry but breaks of .60 and .56 were recorded leaving Steve, who incidentally swam a great time, to pick up the win.

Andrew Madden, Damien O’Mahony, Gary Dixon, and Tyler Durrington were the finalists in the 25m breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke event, and all competitors chose to do breaststroke.

With less than half a second separating the group as they concluded the swim it was up to the judge and timekeepers to decide the winner and placing.

Tyler was awarded the win with Damien placed second and Andrew third.

Nominations are coming in for the mid-winter swim at Lismore and only a few more names are required, and Grafton will be able to field three relay teams.

Captain David wasn’t feeling the best this week so we hope his condition improves and he will be back on deck next week.

An update on our next pizza night – we will be able to host this on July 6 as planned and reservations have been made.


Toni Ensbey