Grafton Services Swim Club

Eight club members accompanied by one walking wounded travelled to Lismore last Sunday to compete in the mid-winter carnival and it is always a tremendous day.

Shannon Thompson was welcomed back after having two months away but his return will be short lived as he heads to the UK in August.

For our amusement last week a novelty relay was on the agenda. Each team made up of three swimmers had to cover half the pool using a kickboard and the remaining distance was swum doing breaststroke. At the turn each competitor had to walk back to halfway and then swim freestyle to the finish, passing the banner which had been held during the entire race over to the next team member.

As well as being amusing it was also a test of stamina and those teams making it through to the final were (Team 1) Karlie Cleaver, Terry Marsh, Steve Donnelly, (Team 2) Jake Kroehnert, Andrew Madden, Debbie Smith (Team 3) Damien O’Mahony, Anne Simkus, Toni Ensbey.

It was absolute mayhem as all teams entered the pool with kickboards being thrown about as they were abandoned but when it came to times it was Team 1 who took the honours tipping out Team 3 by a few seconds and Team 2 were just a tad further back.

In the 25m freestyle sprint Terry Marsh, Gary Dixon, Toni Ensbey and Bruce Durrington were the finalists.

Toni with the advantage of handicap was the first to hit the water but was chased relentlessly by the fellows and it was Gary who touched first. However the times were called and Gary, Terry and Bruce had all broken by over half a second, giving Toni, the only honest swimmer, the win.

Two ladies featured in the 50m event. Karlie Cleaver and Anne Simkus fought it out with Gary Dixon and Bruce Durrington.

In a blistering finish it was Anne who scored the win with Karlie a very close second and Bruce taking third place.

Toni Ensbey