Grafton Services Swim Club

Despite chilly conditions, members braved the weather and fronted up for the usual Tuesday evening swim last week.

It was tremendous to see Max Kroehnert back in the pool – not for competition but working on an arm injury that has kept him poolside for several months. Keep up the water aerobics Max and you will be back in business before you know it.

Captain Damien had family matters to attend to this week so in his absence a standard programme was run with a repechage event to end the night’s proceedings for those who hadn’t made a final.

Terry Marsh and Jenny Vickery are two swimmers whose names have been appearing fairly consistently this month and sure enough they made the final of the 25m sprint along with Debbie Smith and Bruce Durrington.

Terry, keen to add to his point score, churned up the pool and touched a good second faster than his opposition; however it was a wasted effort, breaking by .36.

Next to arrive was Jenny and with a great time, snatched first place with Bruce coming second and Debbie taking third.

In the 50m final Jenny Vickery (a devil for punishment) was back on the blocks alongside Gary Dixon, David (birthday boy) Moon and Steve Donnelly.

As the four contenders neared the finish there was possibly just one body length separating them. Jenny (obviously still with plenty of energy) was deemed as touching first followed by Gary. However a check on times had both of these swimmers breaking which left the win to be accepted by David with Steve claiming second place.

The Wykes Tyrepower Cup was the next race and qualifying were Geoff Simkus, David Moon, Jake Kroehnert and Steve Donnelly.

Geoff’s idea to practise and improve his butterfly prowess really paid off for him as he covered the distance recording a perfect time and was awarded the Cup and custodial rights for the next month. 

Jake in taking second place recorded a time just .58 off nominated and David filled third spot.

In the repechage event nine swimmers were keen to record a win but after the swim when all times were examined it was Richard Sear who reigned supreme.

A Chinese meal was enjoyed by about twelve swimmers later in the evening and big thanks go to Jenny for organising this get together.

Toni Ensbey