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Grafton Services Swim Club

Is it something in the water or should officials run random drug tests? These were the questions being asked on Tuesday when four swimmers in the same heat of the 25m freestyle were disqualified for breaking their times by quite considerable amounts. Not only did they break in this event, but the same four did exactly the same thing in the 50m heat, leaving the finals line up a little depleted. Jenny Vickery, Debbie Smith, Toni Ensbey and Richard Sear had no explanation for their sudden turn of speed, but no doubt they will be under scrutiny this week.
Because of this turn of events there were only three swimmers contesting the 25m final and they were Kieran Lynch, Doug Ensbey and Tyler Durrington. Doug was surprised when announced the winner of this race, beating home Tyler by .12. Kieran, swimming in his first final since joining the club, was third home and only .26 off the mark.
A very strong line up contested the 50m final. Steve Donnelly, Tyler Durrington and David Moon hit the water in that order with Steve maintaining his lead for the entire 50m. David was next to touch, just pushing Tyler into third place by .16. However a check on times had all three breaking by over two seconds so the winning voucher went begging.
The B B & B final was the only one to have four competitors. Kieran Lynch and David Moon were lining up for their second final of the night, Tyler his third, with the only fresh one being Richard Sear. Searsy didn’t disappoint and took first place from Kieran and then Tyler. However fate struck again and a check on times had all three breaking which left David, the only honest swimmer, to grab the spoils.
Toni Ensbey