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Grafton Services Swim Club

My apologies to readers of this column for not covering last week’s results. I had a few days off and according to the feedback I have been receiving, the first swim at the heated pool was a resounding success with all swimmers keen to get back into action.
The results of the swim on the 17th May were: – 50m final – qualifiers – Bruce Durrington, Damien O’Mahony, Davis Moon and Tyler Durrington with Damien taking 1st, David 2nd and Tyler 3rd.
25m Stephen Donnelly Explosive Cup – qualifiers – Anne Simkus, Jill Enks, Richard Sear and Ian Davis with Ian 1st, Anne 2nd and Richard 3rd.
25m B B & B final – qualifiers – Debbie Smith, Damien O’Mahony, Steve Donnelly and Wilson Burns with Steve 1st, Damien 2nd and Debbie 3rd.
Moving right along to this week’s competition and it was a pleasure to welcome Simon Connell along on his first night and to top it off beautifully, he made a final. Also, Braithe Monaghan a recent recruit, although not making a final, was disqualified in two of his heats, breaking by four and eight seconds respectively which just goes to show that it doesn’t take all that long to gain some improvement.
Debbie Marston, another of our new swimmers reached the final of the 25m freestyle along with Tyler and Bruce Durrington, Ian Davis and Bob Owen. Debbie unfortunately broke her time by the smallest amount and received a “D”. Coming home next with an exact time was Bruce with Tyler only .10 away in second and Ian, another .10 away in third place.
The 50m final saw Ian Davis and Bruce Durrington backing up for their second attempt and hoping to spoil their chances were Damien O’Mahony and Peter Le Breton. Damien, with the advantage of being a fresh starter, took this event quite comfortably. Bruce clocking a slightly slow time scored second place with Peter taking third.
The last race of the night was the 25m B B & B and once again young Tyler Durrington was on the blocks with Bob Owen, Toni Ensbey and Simon Connell hoping to score a win. Tyler and Simon covered this short distance very quickly, but swimming faster than their nominated time, scored themselves disqualifications. Bob was next home with a winning time and Toni, a tad slow, took out second place.
Toni Ensbey