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Grafton Senior Citizens – first post COVID meeting

Grafton Senior Citizens recently held a general meeting, first since March, with an attendance of 41 and 21 apologies. After the usual trading table downstairs, our meeting was held in the larger area upstairs, where physical distancing was possible.

To inform all members of this upcoming meeting, a newsletter was prepared, and distributed to all as a letterbox drop, or post for those out of town, a massive time consuming job.

Birthday wishes to anyone who has celebrated since our last meeting. Best wishes to anyone on sick list.

Sincere sympathy to Annette Douglas, Robyn Jackson, Joyce Weatherstone, John Adams, Betty Doggett, Carol Lancaster, and families of Joyce Thompson, Ron Donoghue, who all lost loved ones during our recess.

Welcome to two new members June Haggarty, Karen Ferrie.

Correspondence in, included promotional material from Stroke Foundation. No correspondence out. Treasurers report was read.

All trips scheduled from March have been cancelled, including the eight day tour which was to be held from mid August, which has been tentatively re-booked for the same period next year. Provided trips are possible next year, all day trips will also be slotted in to a new program next year. Pie day and all barbecues planned for this year have also been cancelled.

General business included advice that Lola McFarlane and Betty Rogan are both now in aged care. Thanks to all who have advised email addresses and / or mobile phone numbers, as an alternate means of making contact should the need arise. All weekly activities, bingo, carpet bowls, craft, mahjong, euchre, are planned to resume from September 8. 

Christmas lunch planned for Friday, December 4 is hoped to proceed at the racecourse upstairs venue. Final decision is to be made at the October committee meeting, with tickets going on sale at the October general meeting. Donations of groceries for Christmas hamper raffle are welcome. Donations of items for monthly meeting trading table also welcome. 

Mention was made of changes to newspapers, with Daily Examiner now only online, but CV Independent still in print form.

Members again reminded to be alert for scams, with a recent one a recorded message advising someone had used visa card, with ‘directions’ on what to do about it.

Competition winners: D. Schuhmacher; R. Watkins; J. Timms; D. Bailey; N. Williams; S. Gibson; B. Doggett.

Next meeting to be held Tuesday October 13 at 10.30am, at Racecourse.



Sandra Connelly