Grafton Rifle Club – Grebert Shield to David Grundy

The most improved competitor, David Grundy, continued his winning way by out- shooting the ‘old grey fox’ Dennis Hilton to take out the Grebert Shield fired over three consecutive weeks at the following ranges: 300yds, 400yds and 500yds.

Dave got off to a brilliant start at 300yds with a perfect score of 100/100, his second only double possible.

The following week at 400 yds. Dave shot a pair of 49s, giving him 98.6, whilst Dennis scored 48 and 50. At this stage Dave was 3 points ahead of Dennis and there was a little banter going on between the two combatants.

On Saturday Dave fired a 49.8 in his first stage and followed this up with 49.4, giving him an aggregate of 98 with 12 centrals. Dennis struggled in his first stage with a score of 47.3, however, he came good in his second stage recording a 50.3. David won the Shield with an aggregate of 296/300 with 31 central bulls to Dennis’ 292.21 – we are looking forward to a very competitive Club Championship this year.

Meanwhile Club Captain Nick Abrahall had a pair of 50s giving him an aggregate of 100 with 12 centres, whilst Peter Brown, knowing he needed a heap of centres, decided to cut out 2 bulls for sighters hoping to pick up more centrals. Peter went on to score 100 with 11 centrals, one centre shy of Nick’s score – great shooting!!

The ‘F’ Class competition was a closely fought match with Sue and John Bloomer neck and neck, John prevailing in the end with scores of 56.4 and 59.3, giving him an aggregate of 115.7. Sue was one point behind on 114.10 with Tony McKenna and Allan Johnson a further one point behind.

Wow, this Hunter class is certainly something to watch, with competitors using rifles straight from the gun shops and with a price tag of under $1000, it is amazing to see the groups and scores being attained. Wayne Pearson took out the day with scores of 50.6 and 50.8, giving him an aggregate of 100.14. Peter Brown scored 50.4 and 50.7, with his aggregate of 100.11 only three centrals behind Wayne.  Dave Grundy fired 50.9 and followed up with a 49.7, a total of 99.16, while Jack Potter also scored 99.8. How close is that!


Scores as follows:

Target Rifle

Nick Abrahall              50.4  50.8  100.12

Peter Brown                 50.6  50.5  100.11

Dave Grundy               49.8  49.4    98.12

Dennis Hilton              47.3  50.3     97.6

Ian Griffiths                 47.5  48.2     95.7

‘F’ class

John Bloomer              56.4  59.3  115.7

Sue Bloomer                58.5  56.5  114.10

Tony McKenna            55.2  58.3  113.5

Allan Johnson              59.3  54.2  113.4

Scott Murdoch             53.2  56.2  109.4

Dave Lancaster            50.1  57.1  107.2

Hunter class

Wayne Pearson            50.6  50.8  100.14

Peter Brown                 50.4  50.7  100.11

Dave Grundy               50.9  49.7  99.16

Jack Potter          49.5  50.3  99.8


See you in a fortnight.

Ian Griffiths