Grafton Rifle Club 900 yards – ‘apprentice’ versus the ‘master’

Weather conditions were almost ideal on Saturday August 1 for the rifle shooting competitors with the wind flags indicating a slight breeze, however, it was, at times, a little fickle as it changed from side to side. 

This was evident in the scores as some competitors were caught out by the subtle changes whilst sighting. Peter Brown’s score of 46.5 in his first stage was indicative of this but was followed up with a magnificent possible 50.7 in his second visit to the firing point. 

The Off-Rifle trophy was won by young Chris McKenzie just counting out the ‘old fox’ Dennis Hilton, both scoring 97 but with Chris having one more central bullseye than Dennis. Chris also took out the Aggregate trophy with his handicap of 2 points added.

In the ‘F’ Class (scoped rifle) new member Andrew Kattenhorn fired a pair of 55s/60 to score an Off-Rifle aggregate of 110/120 with 5 super centrals.

The ‘F’ Open (scoped rifle) was the ‘apprentice’ versus the ‘master’ and the apprentice, Scott Robinson, came out on top. Scott, using one of Tony McKenna’s rifles, out-scored Tony with an Off-Rifle score of 115/120 with three central bullseyes to Tony’s 112/120 with four central bullseyes. It is great to witness members helping each other in this unselfish manner and I am sure Tony’s gesture was very much appreciated by Scott.

Next week we will be back at the 300 yards mound where generally the wind conditions are less affective.  



Target Rifle (Peep sights)

Chris McKenzie                    49.6       48.1       97.7       2.0       99.0

Dennis Hilton                       49.5       48.1       97.6       2.0       99.0

Peter Brown                         46.5       50.7       96.12      2.0       98.0

Nick Abrahall                        47.4       48.4       95.8       0.5       98.0

Wayne Pearson                    46.4       46.2       92.6       3.0       95.0

Steve Small                            44.1       47.3       91.4       1.0       92.0

Derrick Higgins                      45.5       37.2       82.7       6.0       88.0

‘F’ Class Std.

Andrew Kattenhorn              55.3       55.2       110.5     N/H      110.0

‘F’ Class Open

Scott Robinson                      58.2       57.1       115.3      N/H       115.0

Tony McKenna                       58.2       54.2       112.4       9.0      121.0

Ian Griffiths