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Grafton Rifle Club

The Grafton Target Rifle Club fired from the 500 yard mound on Saturday July 15 for the third stage of the Treasurer’s Trophy. The 13 competitors who took part shot in dull light with a gentle wind coming predominantly from the right and the mirage was diminishing as a storm was approaching – luckily all competitors managed to finish before the storm unleashed its full fury.
In the Target Rifle possibles were shot by Dennis Hilton and Chris McKenzie who both fired 50/50 in their visits to the firing point, giving them a perfect score for the day i.e. 100/100. In the ‘F’ Class Div, there were 3 possibles were recorded – Dave Grundy, Mark Millard and John Robertson, all managing a 60/60 in their second visit to the mound.
In the Target Rifle discipline the Grafton Shopping World Butchery Off Rifle trophy was won by Dennis Hilton 100/100 with 12 central bulls from Chris McKenzie 100/100 with 9 central bulls. In the ‘F’ (Scoped Rifle) Dave Grundy just missed a perfect shoot with 119/120 cementing his ‘A’ Grade classification and winning the GSWB Off Rifle Trophy in ‘F’ Class.
The Daily Aggregate trophy which includes a handicap that is calculated over the previous four weeks, was won by Dennis Hilton from Chris McKenzie, both having equal scores. However, as Dennis had the highest Off Rifle stage he counted out Chris with 50.8 Vs 50.7.
In the ‘F’ Class division Scott Murdoch took out the Daily Aggregate trophy with a score 115/120, plus his handicap of 9, giving him a total of 124.0, to just pip Dave Grundy shooting 119/120 plus his handicap of 4.5, giving him a total of 123.5. Alan Johnson who has finally overhauled his rifle and scope combination, was a further 0.5 points in arrears on 123.0.
Next week our Club will be competing from the more difficult range of 600 yards where the bullseye remains the same size as the 500 yards bullseye. Grafton Rifle Club is located at 434 Trenayr Road, Trenayr, adjacent to the Experiment Farm and opposite Koppers Logs. Prospective members and visitors are most welcome. A draw for shooting positions is conducted at 1300 hours with a commencement time of 1315 hours.
Ian Griffiths