Grafton Rifle Club 600 yards

Last Saturday, on a day that the weather bureau predicted would be somewhat threatening with strong winds fanning bushfires, a dedicated group of optimistic target rifle shooters approached the 600 yard firing point to try and outsmart the conditions and place all their shots in the bullseye, thus attaining a perfect score – alas, this  was not to be the case. 

The changing wind conditions played havoc with the well-aimed and released projectiles. The only competitor to manage a possible 50/50 was Tony O’Keeffe in his second visit to the firing point and adding this to his first stage score of 48/50, he succeeded to take out the Off Rifle aggregate in Target Rifle with a score of 98/100. With his handicap of 5.5 Tony blitzed the field to win the daily aggregate with a total score of 103.5. An amazing effort given the weather conditions and the fact, too, that he has been absent from shooting for about 10 weeks while moving house, though still actively maintaining his training at home during this time. Well done Tony.

In the ‘F’ Class division competitors also struggled, with scores in the lower 50’s out of a possible 60 points. However, John Bloomer top scored in the Off Rifle trophy with a score of 104.3/120 to just pip Mark Millard on 103.3/120, with Sue Bloomer a further point behind. The Aggregate Trophy was won by Mark Millard utilising his handicap of 11 points to score a total score of 114.0.

A new competition has been introduced to try and build membership within our sport and Chris McKenzie has seen fit to try it out by utilising one of his hunting rifles – his scores on the day were 46/60 and 45/60, giving him an aggregate of 91.4. We hope new shooters may take up the challenge.

We extend our best wishes to the mother of Steve Small for a speedy return to good health as we understand she is seriously ill and a speedy recovery, too, for our hard working secretary Alan Johnson after his operation.

If you would like to try this disciplined exacting sport of long range target shooting but do not have a licence there is an option of sign a p650 form which allows non-licenced people to shoot under supervision of one of our members. Conditions apply and are subject to the legal requirements of the NSW Firearms Registry and NSW Police. Our address is 434 Trenayr Road, Junction Hill and starting time is 1pm. Club rifles are available to prospective members. Email address [email protected].


Scores                        1st Stage              2nd Stage      Agg.             Handicap           Total

Tony O’Keeffe          48.5                     50.4              103.5            5.5                       98.9

Dennis Hilton            48.4                     47.3                98.5            3.5                       95.7

Peter Brown               48.3                     48.2                98              2                            96.5

Dave Grundy             47.5                     48.3                97               2                            95.8

Wayne Pearson          46.5                     44.1                96              6                            90.6

Nick Abrahall            47.2                     44.2                92              1                            91.4

Brendan Watkins              41.1                     41.2                89.5            7.5                       82.3

Ian Griffiths               39.0                     42.1                89              8                            81.1

F Class (Scoped Rifle)

Mark Millard             51.1                     52.2                114.0          11                            103.3

John Bloomer            50.1                     54.2                111.0          7                            104.3

Sue Bloomer                     49                        53.2                102.2          8.5                       102.2

Jacob Jones                26                        Retired

Hunting Class

Chris McKenzie        46.2                      45.2                     91.4            n/a                         91.4                

Ian Griffiths