An image from our Silver Mountain electronic Targets. F Class Score at 400yds 60.9 with 9 shots in X ring (4.3cm)

Grafton Rifle Club @ 400yds

Eight shooters enjoyed the calm conditions last Saturday, shooting from the 400yd mound and many were happy with the high centre count on their scorecards.

An image from our Silver Mountain electronic Targets.
F Class Score at 400yds 60.9 with 9 shots in X ring (4.3cm)

When shooting at 400yrds the target frame is 1.2m x 1.2m. The aiming ring has a diameter of 74.6cm.

In Target Rifle and Hunter Class, the centre bull ring has a diameter of 8.6cm while F Class has an X ring with a diameter of 4.3cm. From a distance of 400yds (365m), it takes skill to be able to read conditions and place your shot within these centre rings. At each visit to the range, competitors have two sighting shots and 10 counting shots. In Target Rifle and Hunter class, the highest score is 50 with 10 centres (50.10) and in F Class and F Open the highest score is 60 with 10 centres (60.10)

Highlights for this week’s shoot In Target Rifle were Dave Grundy who shot a double possible scoring 50.5 and 50.3 while Peter Brown shot a possible in his second stage scoring 50.6. In F Class Sue Bloomer shot a possible with a score of 60.9 and John Bloomer shot a possible with a score of 60.6.


Target Rifle             Score 1  Score 2  Total     H/cap  Agg                                 

Dave Grundy            50.5      50.3       100.8    1          101                                

Peter Brown              49.4      50.6       99.10    1.5       100.5                                

Stephen Small           48.6      49.5       97.11    3          100                                

Wayne Pearson         49.4      49.6       98.10    2          100                                

Dennis Hilton            49.4      49.5       98.9      1.5       99.5                                

F Standard                                                                                                   

Sue Bloomer             60.9      59.6       119.15   1.5       120.5                                

John Bloomer            60.6      59.8       119.14   0.5       119.5                                

Hunter Class                                                                                               

Mark Millard            48.5      49.5       97.10    1.5       98.5                                

F Open                                                                                                         

Mark Millard            52.1      55.3       107.4    NA      107                                

If you are interested in finding out more about the sport of Target shooting you can visit us at the range or send a message to our Facebook page and someone will happily answer your questions. We still have to abide by Covid requirements.  Competition commences at 1pm on the range complex at 434 Trenayr Road, Trenayr opposite Koppers Logs – look for the red flag at the range entrance.


Sue Bloomer