Grafton outdoor archery

Results of outdoor shoot (paper A.B.A. 3+1 arrow) held Sunday October 17 at Bawden’s Bridge course.

Scores out of 800: Troy Carter 778 (Senior Sighted), Chris Glasser 758 (Senior Sighted), Rayne Hartley 706 (Cub Sighted), Adam Fisher 700 (17 x 20’s) (Senior Recurve Un-Aided), Gavin Bridges 700 (16 x 20’s) (Senior Longbow), Noah Shepherd 682 (14 x 20’s) (Junior Sighted), Luke Skinner 682 (11 x20’s) (Senior Sighted Recurve), Alan Wilson 672 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Gordon Kelly 666 (Senior Bare Bow), Merv Kerrison 662 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Jeff Thompson  604 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Natalie Shepherd 596 (Senior Sighted), Ian Revell 514 (5 x 20’s) (Senior Traditional Recurve),Vince Guilia 514 (2 x 20’s) (Senior Longbow Beginner), Rachel Binskin 500 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Maureen Brincat 412 (Senior Longbow Beginner). 

Score out of 400 (3 arrow round): Jamie Bumbieris 384 (Senior Sighted), Steve Porra 360 (Senior Sighted).

Next outdoor shoot (3D): Sunday November 7 with a 10am start and sausage sandwiches and drinks available.

Indoor archery: At 21 Turf Street Grafton, on the river side of the railway line via Fitzroy Street. Tuesdays: From 6pm – beginners, cubs, juniors and seniors.  Thursdays: From 6pm – seniors, juniors and anyone else who would like to come along.                                                                                                                

Jeff Thompson