Grafton multi club hill climb

The Grafton Sporting Car Club held round one of the multi club hill climb on September 26.

This round should have been the first hill climb of the season but with Covid, weather and other issues on the day, it ended up a great day of racing and friendship.

There were some very fast times around the circuit, with quite a few new cars having a go which was great to see. This makes next year series looking promising.

The weather was quite good with a mild wind blowing in the morning. The canteen sold out of all food as there was a large number of spectators on the day. A big thank you to the ladies and Stew, the cook in the canteen. Also, a big thank you to officials and volunteers for the day. To the drivers, crew and families, a big thank you for making the time to attend the meeting.

With 67 cars entered and 65 cars starting. Each driver had four runs with no major incidents, and all enjoyed the day.


Class one: 1st – Joshua Paul (Mitsubishi) 55.44; 2nd – Robert Beadman (Honda) 56.03; 3rd – Tony Goninan (Suzuki) 57.58.

Class two: 1st – Elizabeth Simpson (VW GTi) 59.03; 2nd – Kaylene Reardon (Celica) 59.63.

Class three: 1st – Zakary Masters (Civic) 54.80; 2nd – Brock Beadman, (Civic) 55.16; 3rd – Glenn Newell (Honda) 55.88.

Class four: 1st – Paul Burridge (Civic) 52.45; 2nd – Zak Masters, (Honda) 54.00; 3rd – Greg Brown (Commodore) 54.20.

Class five: 1st – Stephen Sauer (Escort) 52.32; 2nd – Domingo Aboitiz, Honda, 54.10; 3rd – Rodney Reardon (Gemini) 54.38.

Class six: 1st – Dick Hughes (Commodore) 52.68; 2nd – Rob Neal (BMW) 52.68; 3rd – Peter Everett (Torana) 53.54.

Class seven: 1st – Brendan Cole (Peugeot) 55.51; 2nd – Mark Stevens (Excel) 57.62; 3rd – Michael Wilkins (Excel) 57.71.

Class eight: 1st – Nicholas Contojohn (WRX) 48.49; 2nd – Ryan McSwan (Torana) 48.87; 3rd – Nicholas Fuller (Corolla) 50.54.

Class nine: 1st – Miles Hoare (OMS CF04) 47.50; 2nd – Samuel Withers (Clubman) 55.01; 3rd – Dick Willis (Ausper) 55.77.

Class ten: 1st – Dean Amos (Gould) 41.19.

Class twelve: 1st – Todd Wedd (Subaru Sti) 44.33; 2nd – William Contojohn (WRX) 53.03; 3rd – Jermaine Clark (Yaris) 53.30.

FTD: 1st – Dean Amos; 2nd – Miles Hoare; 3rd – Todd Wedd.

Fastest lady: Jo Stanton.

Fastest junior: Maxwell Contojohn; 2nd – Andrew Hughes; 3rd – Brianna Stewart.

The club meets on the second Thursday of the month at Jabour Park, South Grafton at 1930hrs. Get involved with the running of the club.

Hope to see you all out at the track next Hill Climb. You can find out more info at Be safe until next time.

Rodger Evans