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The unique internal construction of the cushions.

Grafton Midday Rotary providing a soft landing for Grafton Hospital patients

Providing a soft landing for Grafton Hospital patients

Grafton Midday Rotary is delighted to have provided six RoHo Occupational Therapy Cushions for Grafton Base Hospital.

President Robert Blanchard made the announcement after the Rotary club’s project leader, Bob Booth, arranged the delivery of the cushions to GBH Director of Nursing & Midwifery, Sharon Wright.

Ms Wright said, “The RoHo cushions are used to assist in the prevention of pressure injury in patients who are not easily able to change and alter their own body position. We certainly make very good use of them and thank Grafton Midday Rotary for their continued generosity towards Grafton Base Hospital.”

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Grafton Base Hospital staff demonstrating the use of the cushions.

 Mr Blanchard said, “The cushions’ all up cost was $4,000. This sort of assistance is made possible through the fundraising efforts of Grafton Midday Rotary at occasions like the Friday night raffles, BBQs at Bunnings and other events in the city, our regular book sale and donations made to the Club’s Charity Account. So, a big thank you must go to our local community and supporters.”

Mr Blanchard also paid tribute to Bob Booth and club member Patty Hewitt for seeking out the need for the RoHo Cushions at the GBH and for their role, along with all club members, in Grafton Midday Rotary’s fundraising activities.

Brian Lane