Monday winners (l-r) Chris Connors, Nettie Bennett, Bev Correy and Sue Roberts. Image: Contributed

Grafton ladies golf

The Monday players made a great start to the week with their ‘opening day’; a big thank you to the sponsors for the day, Grafton Textiles.

Monday was a 9 hole 4 person Ambrose (dropout) with 24 starters.


Winners – Chris Connors, Nettie Bennett, Bev Correy & Sue Roberts  29 1/4pts nett; runners up – Marg Ross, Judy Pullinger, Helen Packwood & Ian Roberts 29 5/8 nett; 2nd runners up – John Pullinger, Graham Benn, Sally Beresford & Jan Pilgrim 31 nett. Congratulations to all players.

The 2018/19 Summer Consistency comp was very kindly sponsored by Bendigo Bank.

Winner – Maddie McKee on 235; r/up – Heather Purtill on 222; 2nd r/up – Cheryl Shanley 219; 3rd r/up – Jen Townsend 218; 4th r/up – Marianne Mannell 210; 5thr/up – Mary Atkins 209; 6th r/p – Janette Blair 203; 7th r/up – Sue Petty 202; 8th r/up – Kaye Murdoch 200.

The Clocktower Hotel aggregate winner (Wed/Fri last week) was also presented to Soo McPherson. 

Wednesday was the first ladies monthly medal 18 hole Stroke round for 2019 and was proudly sponsored by Toast Espresso (Mark & Judy Hackett).

The course was extremely dry and the oppressive and humid weather definitely was a challenge for some of the ladies. There were 57 starters.

Overall winner – Sue Roberts 66 nett (medal winner Div 3).

Div 1 winner – Peg James 71 nett (medal winner Div1);r/up – Jen Townsend – 73 nett c/b;2nd r/up – Kathy McMullan 73;3rd r/up – Heather Purtill 75 nett.

Div 2 winner – Robyn Wilkes 69 nett (medal winner Div 2);r/up – Sharyn Rowles 72 nett c/b;2nd r/up – Millie Harris 72 nett; 3rd r/up – Noeline Smith 73 nett.

Div 3 winner – Jean Milne 72 nett; r/up – Julie McKee 74 nett; 2nd r/up – Sue Byrnes 75 nett c/b; 3rd r/up – Helen Irving 75 nett.

OBE winner was Marianne Mannell 79 nett.

Putting winners: Div 1 – Heather Purtill 29; Div 2 – Sharyn Rowles 32; Div 3 – Sue Byrnes 32.

Apologies for the delay in processing/correction of the results, due to a computer malfunction.

A windy Friday did not deter the field in the 18 hole Stableford sponsored by Poppys and Pears;there were 26starters.

Overall winner – Jan Hamilton 43pts.

Div 1 winner – Noeline Smith 39pts; r/up – Val Franey 35pts; 2nd r/up – Elaine Shand 32pts c/b.

Div 2 winner – Tess Bloomer 34pts; r/up – Beryl Wilkes 31pts; 2nd r/up – Sue Byrnes 30pts c/b.

Saturday ladies obviously weren’t blown away at all, with 18 starters.

Winner – Noeline Smith 72 nett c/b; r/up – Sue petty 72 nett; 2nd r/up – Hollie Fuller 74 nett c/b; 3rd r/up – Glenda Chad 74 nett.

Dale Bax