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Grafton Indoor Archery

Results of Indoor shoots held Tuesday and Thursday, October 13th and 15th.
Tuesday: Cubs, Juniors, Beginners and Seniors.
Scores out of 400: (3D Paper Novelty) Nathan Kendell 376 (Senior Sighted), Harlan Thorley 361 (Senior Sighted), D-J Larkin 327 (Senior Sighted), Josh Thorburn 314 (Senior Sighted), Tye Wilson 226 (Junior Sighted).
Thursday: Seniors, Juniors and Cubs.
Scores out of 300: (30mtr walk-up) Warren Hutchinson 280 (Senior Sighted), Nathan Kendell 272 (Senior Sighted), Will Onus 268 (Senior Sighted), James Batty 267 (Junior Sighted), Harlan Thorley 258 (Senior Sighted), Seth Greedy 239 (Senior Sighted), Josh Thorburn 221 (Senior Sighted), Merv Kerrison 184 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Jeff Thompson 116 (Senior Recurve). Score out of 200: Rob Baker 156 (Senior Sighted), D-J Larkin 155 (Senior Sighted), Gordon Kelly 129 (Senior Bare Bow), Vern Mackey 110 Senior Sighted). Score out of 160: Thomas Gilmore 97 (Cub Sighted). Scores out of 100: Belinda (Roy) Morris 69 (Junior Sighted), Mitchell Firth 45 (Senior Recurve).
Next Outdoor shoot (3D) Sunday, November 1st, 10am start, at Bawden’s Bridge course. BBQ lunch and drinks available.
Indoor Archery: At 21 Turf Street Grafton. The river side of the railway line, via Fitzroy St.
Tuesday: From 6pm, Cubs, Juniors, Beginners and Seniors. Thursday: From 6pm, Seniors, Juniors, Cubs and anyone else who would like to come along.
Jeff Thompson