Grafton indoor archery

Results of indoor shoot held Tuesday and Thursday October 12 and 14.

Tuesday: beginners, cubs, juniors and seniors.

Scores out of 200 (15m): Vince Guilia 200 (Senior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 196 (Junior Sighted), Nathan Kendell 194 (Senior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 187 (Senior Sighted), Merv Kerrison 122 (Senior Sighted Recurve).

Thursday: seniors, juniors and cubs.

No team competition was shot tonight. Round 5 next week.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Scores out of 300 (15-10m walk-up): Chris Glasser 300 (73 X’s) (Senior Sighted), Vince Guilia 300 (65 X’s) (Senior Sighted), Jamie Bumbieris 296 (Senior Sighted), Maureen Brincat 294 (41 X’s) (Senior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 294 (31 X’s) (Junior sighted), Natalie Shepherd 288 (Senior Sighted), Luke Skinner 253 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Merv Kerrison 199 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Alan Wilson 196 (8 X’s)(Senior Traditional Recurve), Jeff Thompson 196 (2 X’s)(Senior Traditional Recurve), Phil Adams 174 (Senior Longbow), Connor Penfold 110 (Senior Sighted Recurve). 

Next outdoor shoot: (3D) Sunday November 7 at Bawden’s Bridge course, 10am start, with sausage sandwiches and drinks available. 

Indoor archery: At 21 Turf Street Grafton. The river side of the railway line via Fitzroy Street.

Tuesday: From 6pm – beginners, cubs, juniors and seniors. Thursday: From 6pm – seniors, juniors, cubs and anyone else who would like to come along.

Jeff Thompson