Grafton indoor archery

Results of the indoor shoot held Tuesday and Thursday, May 11 and 13.

Tuesday: beginners, cubs, juniors, and seniors.

Scores out of 200 (15m): Noah Shepherd 191 (Junior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 186 (Senior Sighted), Kristy Pennell 167 (Senior Sighted), Sharon Parkes 156 (Senior Sighted), Phil Moore 152 (Senior Sighted), Merv Kerrison 142 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Gavin Bridges 136 (Senior Longbow), Mitchell Firth 134 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Ethan McDonough 126 (Junior Sighted), Wayne Revell 124 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Ian Revell 121 (Senior Sighted), Pat McLaughlin 106 (Senior Recurve Un-Aided), Mark Revell 103 (4 X’s)(Senior Bare Bow), Eric Parkes 103 (3 X’s)(Cub Sighted), Heath Revell 94 (Junior Traditional Recurve), Jasper Revell 79 (Little Cub Sighted), Toby Revell 65 (Junior Traditional Recurve).

Thursday: seniors, juniors, and cubs.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Scores out of 300 (20m walk-up): Vince Guilia 297 (Senior Sighted), Maureen Brincat 295 (Senior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 285 (28 X’s)(Senior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 285 (18 X’s) (Junior Sighted), Jamie Bumbieris 280 (Senior Sighted), Brett Leane 275 (Senior Sighted), Greg Parkes 262 (Senior Sighted), Eric Parkes 220 (with a Robin Hood)(Cub Sighted), Sharon Parkes 218 (Senior Sighted), Alan Wilson 214 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Adam Fisher 209  (Senior Traditional Recurve), Merv Kerrison 207 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Matt West 204 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Jeff Thompson 196 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Ian Revell 191 (Senior Sighted), Wayne Revell 189 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Phil Adams 183 (Senior Longbow), Teven West 115 (Junior Traditional Recurve). 

Scores out of 200: Jaz Trickett 181 (Junior Sighted), Kristy Pennell 166 (Senior Sighted), Toby Pennell (13 X’s)(Cub Sighted), Mitchell Firth 165 (7 X’s)(Senior Traditional Recurve), Oguz Peker 112 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Lacey Pennell 75 (Cub Traditional Recurve).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Next outdoor shoot: (3D) Sunday, June 6 at Bawden’s Bridge course, 10 am start with sausage sandwiches and drinks available.

Winter camp-out: June 25/26/27, the Club supplies dinner Saturday night for members and their families. Novelty shoots. 

Indoor archery at 21 Turf Street Grafton, the riverside of the railway line via Fitzroy Street.

Tuesday: From 6 pm – beginners, cubs, juniors, and seniors. Thursday: From 6 pm – seniors, juniors, clubs, and anyone else who would like to come along.


Jeff Thompson