Grafton indoor archery

Results of indoor shoot held Tuesday and Thursday, September 8 and 10.

Tuesday: beginners, cubs, juniors and seniors.

Scores out of 200 (15m): Vince Guilia 199 (Senior Sighted), Maureen Brincat 193 (Senior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 177 (Senior Sighted), Toby Pennell 173 (Cub Sighted), Noah Shepherd 171 (Junior Sighted), Jason Bullen 163 (Senior Sighted), Eliza-Rose Bullen 154 (Cub Sighted), Mitchell Firth 153 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Dougal Hebblewhite 145 (Junior Sighted), Rayne Hartley 141 (Cub Sighted), Gavin Bridges 139 (Senior Longbow), Warren Hutchinson 132 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Kristy Pennell 121 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Wayne Revell 119 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Merv Kerrison 116 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Rachel Binskin 111 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Connor Delaforce 107 (Junior Sighted), Heath Revell 95 (Cub Sighted), Toby Revell 93 (Junior Traditional Recurve), Lacey Pennell 69 (Cub Traditional Recurve), Janelle Firth 58 (Senior Traditional Recurve).

    Thursday: seniors, juniors and cubs.                                                                                       

Scores out of 300 (20m): Vince Guilia 296 (Senior Sighted),Warren Hutchinson 293 (Senior Sighted), Maureen Brincat 282 (Senior Sighted), Jesse Shepherd 276 (Junior Sighted),  Steven Parker 267 (Senior Sighted), Noah Shepherd 243 (Junior Sighted), Natalie Shepherd 238 (Senior Sighted), Shania Grant 230 (Junior Sighted), Kerri-Anne Grant 226 (Senior Sighted), Rayne Hartley 206 (Cub Sighted),Tahlia Grant 195 (Junior Sighted), Jared McAlpine 102 (Junior Bare Bow).  

Scores out of 300 (15m): Mitchell Firth 218 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Jeff Thompson 204 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Rachel Binskin 192 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Alan Wilson 185 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Merv Kerrison 174 (Senior Sighted Recurve), Wayne Revell 156 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Janelle Firth 140 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Toby Revell 136 (Junior Traditional Recurve), Ian Revell 129 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Kristy Pennell 107 (Senior Traditional Recurve).

Next outdoor shoot: (Paper I.F.A.A.) Sunday September 20 at Bawden’s Bridge course with a 10am start and sausage sandwiches and drinks available.

Working-bee camp-out on October 16 – 18. Come help us build a new course.

Indoor archery at 21 Turf Street Grafton; the river side of the railway line via Fitzroy Street. Tuesday: From 6pm – beginners, cubs, juniors and seniors. Thursday: From 6pm – seniors, juniors, cubs and anyone else who would like to come along.

Jeff Thompson