Grafton Golf Club Championships

Commencing next Saturday, one of the highlight competitions of our entire golfing programme will begin, that is the 72 hole 2021 Greg Harvison Building & Design, together with Jacaranda City Coaches (David & Leanne Morgan) Club and Grade Championships. 

With grade amendments introduced earlier this year, the Club and Grade Championships grading will be Club, A Reserve, B Grade and C Grade. Both C and D Grades were combined earlier and as a result there will be no D Grade. 

Defending Club Champion is Matthew McKee, who should he be successful will be a three time winner of the title, first winning the Championship in 2016. However Matt will not have it all his own way, with the 2020 runner-up, Greg Harvison, also keen to add to his 2009 and 2016 championship titles. The 2021 title chase will no doubt feature both of these dedicated golfers and it will be a brave person to try and predict the result. 

Defending the A Reserve title will be Jason Casserly, with Michael Beehag defending B Grade. The C and D Grade winners from last year were Bill Dudgeon and Terry Brooks respectively, however as mentioned earlier with these two grades now being amalgamated there is no actual defender. That history will be established this year.

In the nett component of the Championship series, the overall nett winner from last year is Neil Hayward, who recorded a nett score of 292 for the 72 holes. 

The first round of the Championships this Saturday will also incorporate the August monthly mug, on this occasion sponsored by Craig Woods Plumbing, who not only supports the Club via his sponsorship arrangement, but also as a regular player not short of any golf skill himself.

Ray Hopwood