Community News

Grafton Floral Art Society

President Doreen Winkley welcomed members to the meeting of the Grafton Floral Art Society on a very humid and hot February morning. The Collectors Plant Fair has invited members to the function which is centred around the Sydney area. Demonstrations will also be conducted on April 9-10 in conjunction with garden activities. An ‘Active and Outrageous Seniors Festival’ will be held in Grafton April 1-10, organised by the Clarence Valley Council community development officer. The Society is very appreciative of Val Woods donation of materials that can be used in floral art. At our last meeting there was a demonstration of four designs by Freda Johnson. Freda used a black container (which was originally a stereo record shaped under heat into a bowl), she placed umbrella grass for height and massed white bachelor buttons, with two white Geisha girl ornaments as an accessory. Followed in a white urn shaped container with grey foliage and strelitzia leaves for height, placing blood red celosia in a symmetrical design. A formal frontage foliage arrangement followed in a green vase contained flax, green cordyline and the focal area was covered with stems of fine maroon cordyline foliage. The final arrangement, in a bright orange vase, had trimmed umbrella grass, yellow celosia for an outline, and bright yellow and orange zinneas placed in a symmetrical arrangement. With floral art the designs may be daring but at the same time the principles must not be forgotten. A reminder to members that the next meeting to be held on March 10 will be a hands on exercise. Everyone is most welcome to attend, even if only to be an observer.