Community News

Grafton Floral Art

To open the meeting of the Grafton Floral Art Society, President Doreen congratulated members on their efforts entering the Floral Art Section of the Grafton Show. She commented that it was the best display featuring Floral Art over past years. In the Open Class the Championship went to Julie Skenner with her green and gold arrangement. A letter of thanks has been received from a steward of the Show Pavilion. The quarterly newsletter was tabled from the Floral Art Society of Queensland which featured Mark Pampling’s presentation based around Principles and Elements of Design. The Winter issue of “Our Garden” from the Garden Club of Australia was distributed to members. In general business discussion centred around the Cancer Council morning tea confirming designated positions of members. Our heartfelt thanks to Bunnings for their generosity with a gift voucher, and also the financial support given by Muriel, Enid, Lyn, Elaine Allison and Fran. As many members have been affected by cancer, hopefully the morning tea on May 6 will have a good response. Why not come along with a friend and enjoy the Devonshire morning tea. The demonstrator for the meeting was Vice President Beth Wykes who illustrated her skill with three totally different and exciting designs. Firstly in a grey bowl shaped like a pumpkin she placed grey foliage around the base, then followed with bright pink penta surrounds and in the centre placed deep red roses. Next followed a symmetrical design in a fawn vase featuring several varieties of Autumn toned flowers. The final demonstration was in the most interesting brown contorted shaped container placing strelitzia foliage making it an asymmetrical-modern design, arranging strelitzia blooms in the focal area and blended zanado foliage around the base. Plant material is selected mainly for its abstract qualities, the eye seeks outline or shape which suggests a special design. A reminder to members that the next get together, after the Cancer Council morning tea will be May 12, being a hands on exercise, and everyone is most welcome to attend. Freda Johnson