Grafton District Services Women’s Bowls

Thursday May 5
Today we had a smaller number bowling but everyone had an enjoyable game. Winners were R. Foley and B. Murray def M. Elliott and A. Bowling. M. Firth and A. Williams def S. Woodward and D. Rapley.
Competition winners were B. Murray, J. Cooper and M. Elliott.
With quite a few bowlers playing District Singles at Maclean today, two games of triples and a game of pairs were played, the winners were M. Buckley and D. Walsh def C. Newsome and J. Cooper. Lucky losers were M. McClaer, M. Firth and R. Macdonald def by S. Hillier, F. Cannon and L. Robertson, Y. Cooney, M. Elliott and J. Solomon def S. Taylor, J. McPhee and D. Rapley.
Resting toucher was won by M. McClaer and the competition winners were M. Elliott, J. Solomon, R. Macdonald and M. Firth. A reminder ladies that nominations are being called for all positions in our Club and the forms are available next to the ballot box. Please consider running for a position as our club cannot function without your help. The AGM is on Wednesday June 8 at 10am. Subs are now due and may be paid on any bowling day. The next general meeting is being held on Tuesday May 24 at 1.30 after bowls.
A reminder that a new bowling show will be broadcast on SBS starting this Sunday at 1pm, it may be worth a look.