Community News

Grafton & District Garden Club

Last meeting, we elected a new committee, and this year will see a less formal structure with regard to meetings. 

We will have more outings and our get together will not always be at a set day or time. This is to provide a bit more flexibility for members.

We have elected Co-ordinators in lieu of a President or Secretary and there will be no minutes taken. 

So, our next meeting may be the last one at the Masonic Hall for some time.

Date:  Monday April 11.

Time: Afternoon tea 3.30pm, meeting start time 4.30pm.

Cost: $2 on entry.

Location: Grafton Masonic Hall, 104 Bacon Street, Grafton.

This meeting will be to look at a rough schedule for our year ahead and membership fees of $10 will be due if you haven’t already paid.

We would love to see you there, bring your ideas, enthusiasm and perhaps a pen and notebook!

Need more info?  Email:

Jane Rhodes