Grafton District Anglers Club

The Grafton District Anglers Club held their June 2019 rock beach and estuary outing on the weekend (June 29-30).

Twenty three members registered to fish but only fourteen weighed in fish.

The winner of the senior division was Ron Waterson. Ron weighed in 12 luderick and 2 bream for 90 points. Second place went to Krystal Pfeiffer and Denis Wynn. Krystal weighed in 12 luderick, two trevally and a flathead. Denis weighed in 20 bream and two flathead. Krystal and Denis both scored 112 points, but they have each already won an outing this year and are therefore on thirty point handicaps.

Junior winner was Hugh Brotherson. Hugh weighed in two bream. The two other juniors that nominated didn’t weigh fish in.

The next club outing will be on July 20-21. There will be an Association outing from 2pm to 8pm on Saturday July 13 with the weigh in and sausage sizzle at the Grafton club house, Yamba.

Terry Daly