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Grafton CWA Branch AGM

The Annual General Meeting was held on Friday October 8 at 10am.

South Grafton Evening President Leonie Fish was invited to chair the meeting for the election of office bearers.

The results of the election are as follows:

Patron Grafton CWA branch – Mrs Val Woods; President – Carol Smith; Secretary – Sharon Davison; Treasurer – Annette Douglas; Vice President 1 – June Neilly; Vice President 2 – Janice Wilkinson; International officer – Wendy Proud; Cultural officer – Cheryl Barnes; Ag and Environment – Lesley McFarlane; Land cookery – Narelle Saunders; Handicraft officer – Ruth Melouney; Publicity officer – Carol Smith.

A vote of thanks was given to Leonie Fish for her assistance, and a small gift was presented. The AGM was closed at 11.15am.

The general meeting was opened at 11.30am and 17 members were in attendance and three apologies were accepted.

Business arising from the minutes:

New blinds have been installed in the rooms.

Money has been donated from the G.D.S.C. NSW to replace the floor covering in the kitchen and the storeroom which have to be replaced.

Planning is underway for C.W.A. 100th Birthday 2022. Grafton Branch would like to be contacted by any old members who once belonged to the Grafton Branch to please contact secretary at 9 Duke Street Grafton, as we are hoping to have a special luncheon, to celebrate the occasion, numbers will be required.

Small posies will be sent to the nursing homes of members who are inpatients.

CWA members were to hold a stall at Farmers Markets in market square but due to Covid-19 restrictions, it was decided at the meeting to cancel the markets. Hopefully, this will change, and we will be able to operate once again.

The North Coast Annual Conference which was to be held in Coffs Harbour on October 20 had to be postponed due to Covid -19 restrictions and guidelines however the meeting now has been rebooked for December 1 when restrictions are to be lifted.

Next meeting will be held on Friday November 12 at 10am in our CWA rooms.

Handicraft Monday is on October 11 and 25 from 9. 30am. All will be made welcome.

Carol Smith